Goal setting needs closer attention.

Goal setting matters.

Don’t bother about goal setting.

Why bother about goal setting. Without understanding, it’s a waste of time. You decide to work on improving your future. So you set some goals for yourself. Then you select activities because you know what it will take to succeed and you’re ‘committed’ to achieving each goal.

But after a month, not much has changed. You started pretty strong, but then life got in the way. Your day-to-day activities derail your best intentions.

When that didn’t work, you found out how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Specific. Logically, these make sense, and after a lot of work, you decided, your original goals weren’t all that different.

Now you try to simplify things with a prioritised list to keep you on track. The only problem is half your time is devoted to re-prioritising your list, and the other half justifying why a lower priority task should be actioned. Of course, ‘stuff’ still gets in the way.

The same old approach delivers the same old outcomes.

When goal setting doesn’t work?

So while setting goals seems like it should work, it doesn’t. Why is it so many people set New Year’s Resolutions only to fall back into old habits on the same old track to their future? The reason is while most people know what to do, they either:

  1. Lack of motivation it takes the implement the necessary actions.
  2. They wrestle with conflicting intentions and beliefs.
  3. Become too busy handling day-to-day issues.

Self-motivation is powerful but often elusive. The challenge becomes one of moving from the logical to the emotional aspects of your life. When you are emotionally self-motivated you won’t let distractions and interruptions knock you off course you become driven to achieve your goals. You’re enthusiastic about them, so you become energised and more action-orientated.

It is vital to understand your conflicting intentions and beliefs. It is one of the main reasons if not the main reason people fail to kick their goals. You have a contradictory purpose when you say or want one thing, but in your head or your heart, you want or believe something else.  

When you’re self-motivated and not in conflict, you’ll reach your goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Good goal setting and their implementation affect everything in our life, family, relationships, money and success. 

Goal setting, the bottom line

Have you ever wondered how some people achieve far more than others in life? It can be tempting to attribute other people’s success to good luck, useful contacts and deep pockets. When in reality, those who achieve great things in life don’t have any more luck, friends or money than anyone else. So what do they have?  What makes them different?

The bottom line is setting goals, and working towards them will often be a frustrating exercise until you are genuinely motivated for self-improvement and have cleared out any critical conflicting intentions and beliefs.

Quotable Quotes

“Only by being sufficiently self-motivated and by being free of conflict can goals be achieved. Most people ‘put the cart before the horse’ by setting goals before they’re truly committed to making a change”. Peter sergeant

 “To accomplish your ambitious goals, you need always to be developing yourself and learning new skills”. Peter Sergeant

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