Goals often fail to deliver for most people.

Goals should point the way forward.

Avoid failure of your dreams.

It is a fact that many successful leaders and entrepreneurs have failed in business at some point in their history, doesn’t;t mean setting goals doesn’t work. So why are they successful now? Because they had the goal of becoming successful at something they wanted to do and they stuck to it until it happened.

These successful people all kept going regardless of how many times they had to pick themselves up from their failures. They kept moving forward because they want whatever their goals are, and so can you.

If you set goals, you risk failure, but you also learn and get better. The more times you succeed at anything, the more likely you are to keep thriving. Start with small successes and work your way up to unbelievable accomplishments.

Just remember poor goal setting practices deliver poor outcomes

Most goals are out of reach of success.

  • No goals for your future – You don’t define your desired outcomes, you don’t determine what your success might look like, and you haven’t taken the time to describe what failure could mean. You can rant and rave about culture and process if you like, but these things without one eye on outcomes mean you can end up with some inferior results.
  • Not re-evaluating your goals – Circumstances change, and people change. If you don’t review your goals regularly, they can become obsolete, and of course, everyone loses interest in them, including you.
  • Changing your goals to suit your outcomes – Many people fail because they keep changing their plans to match the results they are having. If you don’t get sales, you were trying to confirm the state of the market. If you don’t get profits, you were testing your systems.
  • Continually creating small goals – If you make tiny goals, it’s straightforward to be successful. Unfortunately, you tend to get stuck in this cycle and tend to believe your own understanding so much you don’t even notice the significant opportunities as they emerge.
  • Not using goals to guide the longer-term – The most important reason a person does not fear failing is their goals drive them, and their goals are usually written and in a prominent place. I recommend the refrigerator and the back of your toilet door as you go there every day.

Our brain cells only learn from experience. When we do things right success, while never guaranteed, success is inevitable.

Quotable Quotes

“Doing basic operational tasks might be stress-relieving but not goal achieving, and if you are not goal-achieving, it will be stressful”. Peter Sergeant.

“Show me a goal with no challenge or risk, and I’ll show you a goal which is not worth your time and resources”. Peter sergeant

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