Healthy people is not about luck

Healthy people equals healthy business

When you are recovering from a major health crisis, as I have done on a few occasions, you naturally do a lot of thinking about healthy people. Thinking and worrying about good health, your family, your life and your business. One train of thought I have followed was how my health support structure could be applied to my business. When you start to think like this you suddenly realise that it is very little in the way of dedicated support structures for business people.

You can resolve your concerns about future difficulties with an ongoing good health support program. Irrespective of whether it is your personal health or your business health. It begs the question: if modern medicine can make so many advances in preventative healthcare, why can’t there be more advances in preventative ‘health care’ for businesses and the people who operate in them? Yes, that means employees, contractors and all stakeholders.

Good health and good business both need support programs

With a modern lifestyle and the pressures of business, it can be tough staying healthy. Everyone talks about getting healthier, but it doesn’t seem to happen? Especially when there are so many different ideas on what being healthier actually means. Defining what healthier means to you and your employees might be a good place to start.

At one time I had five specialist doctors, one GP, countless nurses as well as support staff and my built in nursing sister, my wife Sue, all looking after me. This is a lot of people supporting one person. I was able to equate this to my business interests as I have a lot of people engaged in supporting my ventures: marketing advisors, technology specialists, creative directors, auditors, accountants, legal consultants and a host of other people who support on an ad hoc basis.

It becomes obvious that your business, just like you personally, should continue to receive regular checkups to assist you along the road to good health and to ultimate success. It is recommended that you set up a program with the fundamental philosophy that many problems and concerns can be resolved by taking preventative action more quickly. The cure is always preferable to the disease, so keep your focus on good health.

It’s exciting to start-up and runs a business on the ‘smell of an oily rag’. However, the excitement wanes and monotony can quickly set in leading to health problems. Many start-up businesses often turn into really bad 9-to-5 jobs for the owners. They become caught up in day-to-day operational activities, working harder than anyone else. They continue to do this without the benefits putting their health and well-being at risk.  Of course, once-solid relationships also start to suffer.

Lifestyle and business can lead to good healthy people

Today there are many people looking at starting a lifestyle business. Others with an existing business are looking closely at ways to adjust their business to focus more on their lifestyle and good healthy people. Of course, with either, there are many health and well-being benefits to be gained, 50% of all start-up businesses are now being operated from a home office or backyard facility. Home-based businesses not only provide health benefits, but also many benefits to family life. This is mainly because of the reduction in the pressures of modern life.

Some business owners have made other decisions about how they run their businesses. They look at lifestyle first. They live where they want to live and commute, thus reducing the stress that comes with standard type operations.  Some minimise the stress even further by running their business from a rural area, or even another country, where it’s cheaper to live and they have a better lifestyle amongst healthy people.

As a business owner, stress will never be far away. Stress comes with the territory and is much worse during the start-up and early growth phases of the business. Having healthy people are advantageous when it comes to dealing with business issues:

  • “How am I going to pay the wages this month”?
  • “Sales were 40%  down on budget for the last month, what can I do”?
  • “What will the bank do if I don’t meet my cash flow forecast”?
  • “What will my family think when I tell them I have to go away for another week”?
  • “My partners and I have different ideas about the direction the business should go in”?

Beware business does affect your eating habits

According to a new British survey, the majority of people are likely to let their diets slide at lunch when they encounter on-the-job stressors. 77% percent of the 2,000 British adults polled claimed their mood was definitely a factor in their lunch decisions during the work week. Half said they ate “super-healthy” when they experienced smooth sailing, but 54%  said their lunch choices went the way of pizza and burgers when they had a stressful day.

On top of that, a bad day on the job was the most popular excuse to indulge in comfort food, with 72% claiming to do just that. I know from experience that when I am under stress I am always looking for something to eat. Being a diabetic doesn’t help either as you are always feeling hungry. This means you need to be very disciplined and regular with your normal meals.

When you’re stressed it’s easy to reach for a chocolate bar instead of a healthy snack. But always remember when you are under stress, or feeling low:

  • You will feel a hundred times worse trying to function on the fast food over  healthy food.
  • Your work is still going to be there when you get back in five minutes.

Health checkups apply equally to people and their businesses

Insure against further sickness by having regular health check-ups.  Not just for you personally but also your employees and the business. I am told I now have less risk of getting another bout of cancer than someone who hasn’t had any. This is simply because I now have regular check-ups. I now stick rigidly to good health programs and have the support I want and need. Remember healthy people are easier and cheaper to insure. Our ‘Business Health Check’ tools actually came into being because of my bout with cancer,

Quotable quotes

“The first wealth is health”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health”. Dalai Lama

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