High-performance builds communities

Technology will drive future high-performance

Artificial Intelligence leads to high-performance communities.

Artificial Intelligence should now be on every communities agenda. Of course, only if you want to be a high-performance community.

Recognised both domestically and internationally, Australia’s electronics and information technology industries are highly valued. They are seen as critical enablers and drivers of innovation in many industry sectors. We can competitively develop, produce and market products to the world.

The establishment a Technology Park in your community could be a great asset to for it and the local businesses. It is essential to foster and assist enterprises and entrepreneurs which already exist to become technology enabled and competitive in the new global marketplace.

If your community does not take the initiative competitors in other centres and parts of the world will severely impact on high-performance. They will disturb in a way which might not be acceptable to your particular community, and there little you can do about it. Every community has an excellent opportunity to capture new businesses. You could look to grow national and international businesses, even in small remote communities. This will be easier to do while the information technology industry is still so fragmented.

You should be creating a community that is hospitable to ‘lone eagles’. Lone eagles are entrepreneurs and freelance professionals, analysts, advisors, knowledge workers, and people connected to the outside world, people who can live any place.

They present a significant new opportunity to build a high-performance community because they bring new assets at minimal cost, substantial contracts to the community, as the source of their work and they can motivate others.

High performance depends on information technology

Potential exists for growth and dispersal of the information economy based workforce. It is not only a change in the workforce but also in the geographic distribution of these workers. Technology companies have propensities for gathering in areas a short distance from a major city. In many countries across the world, this has been demonstrated.  If we can entice just one, then we can attract two, then twenty then who knows what is possible.

Business priorities are changing rapidly, and part of the community development activities should be to lead and assist the business community to keep up with the ever-increasing need for information and knowledge. It is essential if businesses are to rise to the future challenges and be competitive in the new globalised economy.

Some communities have a unique and robust technology base already established and willing to grow and support new opportunities. They can also be well placed geographically to take advantage of future trends and developments in the technology industry. They can also become a major technology centre in Australia’s regional community.

Find and deliver technology companies to your community

Identify businesses interested in the building of Knowledge Management and Knowledge sharing systems for various industries and governments. Assist existing businesses in capturing their intellectual property thereby starting to address one of the most significant issues in business today, leveraging existing knowledge.

Establish a virtual Incubator for the technology industry in your community with training and development activities. Seek sponsorships and advocates from the more substantial businesses in your region and elsewhere. Encourage educational bodies to place a stronger emphasis on entrepreneurship, commercialism and marketing studies which lead to careers in the technology industry.

Do some cluster mapping of existing electronics and information technology in your area looking for opportunities and gaps to fill. Perhaps start a ‘coffee shop’ meeting program to improve information technology networking. The mapping could also be extended to other areas of business and community development.

Visible leadership is needed to organise tool-kits, training and mentoring of existing and new business in the technology industry. Seek programs to support any new initiatives and grow by identifying research projects which could be commissioned by governments. You could also establish a local investment fund for new technology product development

The future and high-performance

Technology will play an increasing role in changing people’s attitudes to where they live, to where they work and how they work. Knowledge Workers and Tele-workers are a growing and significant part of the workforce. Coupled with the micro, home-based and lifestyle business sector is transforming the way to look at the workers of the future. What do you see in the unbundling of work and improving the work environment?

Be aware our future is being mapped out by artificial intelligence, big data and mobility and who knows what else. They are going to deliver a more significant revolution than we have ever experienced.It. These developments are inspiring and create much discussion. The rapid pace at which science, technology, bio-diversity and space travel are advancing. The next few years will see things becoming a bit scary for many.

Work with the larger companies to identify and support value-adding opportunities for existing or new technology. Assist in identifying opportunities for product development within local industries and even seek Defence Department opportunities. Assist local businesses to better understand and leverage electronics and information technology opportunities in general.

Work with Austrade to identify international opportunities which you could implement through your community. Market your community as a major technology centre. Form a group interested in defining all aspects of existing technology, and develop a marketing plan and quality marketing collateral.

Quotable Quotes

“Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and free-floating. These are the keys to successful performance in almost everything”.  Dr Wayne Dyer

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.  Francis of Assisi



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