Highlight your marketing focus

Marketing can highlight your best features.

Highlight your best features customers are seeking

Tighten up your marketing, don’t try to be all things to all people. Find your target market then go one step further. Break it down into market segments and tighten your marketing collateral. Prospects want to believe somebody can genuinely fill their needs. But the focus often comes down to anybody who will help them, which makes it difficult for the prospect to distinguish your business from your competitors.

Typically people pick up the phone and ask if you can do ‘x’, particularly when in an economic downturn. Even though you have never done it before you say they can, hence you become distracted from what you started out to do in the business and the rot starts.

Mind you, in tough times this may not be a bad thing if you highlight your business features. You can do this by highlighting more profitable pursuits by creating new markets and new advocates. You may need to tighten up in other areas, so your marketing efforts are shining through with focus.

Trust can dwindle if you try to serve too many clients

A significant challenge is to overcome the lack of trust. Prospects have never heard of you, so why should they trust what you have to say? For some, they think that if they have served somebody just like the new prospect, they are more suited to meet their wants and needs. Take time to tighten any sloppiness in your approach to new clients.

The first and most important step is to analyse your ideal client and the characteristics you are seeking. It may mean taking a good look at your current clients and discovering the features they like. Sometimes it may not be the clients you do the most amount of business with, but it is great when it is.

The best clients are usually those who trust what you do, value what you do and look to your specific expertise to bring them the outcomes they are looking for, in fact, demand.

Of course, if you try to highlight a lousy product or service your struggles will continue.


When considering characteristics to highlight, there are many things you can feature. Such things as, location, types of businesses, sizes of companies, number of employees, values, potential, lifetime value, ability to pay and profitability. If you look for ways to tighten up your client base, ranking your clients, will more clearly put the focus on your ideal clients.

Highlight your focus as you do not want what you do not want

If you can identify your ideal client, your employees and network will recognise them when they see them. Once you describe your perfect client, you can go out and tell the world. You tighten up the use of your time and resources as you stop talking to and taking work from prospects who do not fit your profile. It is essential to know who is a client, as who is not. Then highlight the products and services you have to address their problems and frustrations.

Go back to the idea of valuing what you do and analyse your client base. Then you will find the unsuitable clients were probably the least profitable and the most significant headaches. If you tighten your focus, you can save yourself some problems. You can stop wasting time and give better service to your ideal clients.

Quotable Quotes

“Professionalism in marketing is the ability to respect the competition and always find something positive we can highlight about our organisation”. Peter Sergeant

“Jewelry should not upstage you. I pick one hot point on my body that I am going to highlight. Let one area do the singing, you do not want to hear three songs at once”. Padma Lakshmi



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