Import replacement the prosperity issue.

Import replacement is not always hard.

Make ‘Community Import Replacement’ a reality.

COVID-19 crisis can reverse the fortunes of many of our regional, rural and remote communities, through a ‘community import replacement’ program.

Today you may be working from home, changing your business plans, or trying to create a sense of normality as the world navigates this strange and disruptive time. The health and safety of our family, friends, customers, suppliers and the community, should become an absolute priority for every entrepreneur and business owner.

What needs to happen with import replacement.

Firstly, take stock of all goods and services imported into your community from across Australia and the world, each month. If you do this and understand where they come from, then you will see boundless opportunities, which then need to be qualified.

  • All levels of government need to slash the red and green tape.
  • Bureaucrats must stick to a support role, not telling people what to do.
  • Financial packages and incentives need to be made available.
  • Energy and other input costs need lowering.
  • Identify community entrepreneurs and gazelles
  • Creativity and innovation need to be supported.
  • Planning practices and business models will need improving.
  • Seek out affordable access to land, buildings and local facilities.
  • Practical training programs will be wanted and needed.
  • Modern marketing practices will need upgrading.
  • Practical advisors and mentors need to be made available.
  • Any programs will need to be supported by community leaders.
  • International Trade agreements need realignment.
  • Locals must get behind any initiatives and help to see them to reality.
Exporting and importing might be a two way deal.

Rebuilding regional communities can be hard work.

with most citizens resting complacently as passive consumers instead of co-producers and co-shapers of our destinies. We must look for more ways to bind the community together for a prosperous future.

Think back to the last problem you faced and try to remember how frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed; it made you feel. Now, imagine you were working side-by-side with others to solve the current problem together.

Many are starting to adjust to a ‘new normal’, but don’t get me wrong. There’s still going to be plenty of bad news coming for a while. However, there’s also some good news starting to emerge. There’s going to be a lot of innovation, and you can already see it in the online business, health and education world.

Bounce back from all the adversity, our regional communities have been going through, and are still going through by becoming involved more closely with those who can help stimulate your local economy with a community import replacement project. What would happen if you made better decisions?

Many regional businesses are answering the call to produce supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic by repurposing their factories. What do you make? You can make a decision which would mean more productively and more opportunity for your community? How can you do it better? Because it’s the question, every other business should be asking.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities offered by an Economic Gardening program for you town or village, please contact us,

Key Message: In the end, it is the diversity and spontaneity of regional people which is the measure of their strength and abundance, which engages entrepreneurial skills and leads to unpredictable and unplanned community import replacement.

Quotable Quotes

“Economic life develops by the grace of innovating; it expands by the grace of import-replacement”. Jane Jacobs

“Stop your small, unimportant tasks and projects and look at the vision and goals you have for your community. Start listing the imported products and engage the community entrepreneurs in an Economic Gardening project.”?  Peter Sergeant

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