Initiatives needed to lift regional communities.

Initiatives needed to invigorate regional communities.

Initiatives needed usually start small.

What if you produced beer locally, kept the money locally so initiatives needed can stay local? When you can, everybody might start to understand it’s not us versus them. Thriving communities are those helping each other to adapt to wants and needs

Do you need help to make a decision or to see a clear pathway to move forward beyond the recent COVID-19 pandemic? Well, the concept of import replacement which is a community-specific version of the broader economic notion of import substitution.

The core problem is that in general, the community does not produce its goods locally for local populations. Face masks are just one product getting all the attention now, and our mask shortage has undoubtedly accelerated the spread of the virus.

One problem we have in Australia is we are such a geographically vast country, with variable climates, growing seasons and resources. As a consequence, not all products can be manufactured close to where people need them, and that creates costs of producing, developing and transporting, across thousands of kilometres, everything from vegetables to medical equipment. 

Aviation initiatives needed to support regional, rural and remote communities.

Never underestimate tourism initiatives as a critical driver.

I think what we’re seeing, especially now, is the need to adapt and look at our existing resources and identify entrepreneurs, champions and advocates for locally-based companies.

We have become so dependent on outside forces, and we are exporting hard-earned our money to them.

Bringing back the goods and services communities need, while building up and keeping wealth within those communities must become a high priority. Re-localisation can become a reality if we do the following:

  • Support entrepreneurship.
  • Support local businesses whenever we can.
  • Stop being so price-sensitive and value the jobs in the community.
  • Learn to save our money to purchase quality over fads and fashion.
  • Improve community ecosystems.

Local businesses are more accountable and responsible to their employees as well as the community they serve.

Contact us for a copy of “Formulating Strategy Processes” to help you create the initiatives needed for your community,

Key Message: Government and community leaders must avoid the temptations of considering short-term solutions to what is already becoming a term problem.

Quotable Quotes

“Supporting individuals working remotely along with business innovation initiatives is key to future-proofing your regional, rural or remote business”. Peter Sergeant.

“Entrepreneurship is the best hope for building better regional, rural and remote communities after adversity”. Peter Sergeant

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