Is innovation working well for you yet?

Innovation working for your benefit.

Getting innovation working is a must do.

You may not be able to unscramble eggs, but you sure can improve how they look and taste when you get innovation working.

Where do creative and innovative breakthroughs come from, and why aren’t there more of them? What’s preventing breakthroughs from, well, breaking through and being able to push forward into a brighter future.

Businesses, non-profits and our towns and villages leave a lot on the table when looking for creative solutions to our biggest problems and frustrations. But, there is no doubt we have the critical attributes for becoming creative and innovative.

  • Intelligence and knowledge of your situation
  • Motivation to initiate solutions to problems
  • Imagination and being prepared to try
  • Ambition, or desire to improve performance
  • Courage to try and make a difference
  • Confidence to become more action-orientated.

It is so difficult for existing businesses to capitalise on disruptive innovations because of their processes and business model. They made them effective in the past but leave them unable to compete in a new environment.

There are many benefits when you get innovation working.

Potential innovators need to see how innovation improves their current situation. By empowering and rewarding employees and volunteers, you can ensure your business remains profitable and sustainable in our competitive environment.

  • Improve customer services and customer experience.
  • Save time and money.
  • Sharpen and enhance any relative advantages
  • Increased productivity using technology.
  • Solve a problem, reduce frustrations.
  • Reduce environmental impact.
  • Improve utilisation of your available resources.

Regional areas offer entrepreneurs excellent opportunities to make a difference, starting with innovation in the business, education, and health and well-being ecosystems, where even small innovations can make a huge difference.

If you need help, sing out.

Is it time for you to design a roadmap to improve the innovations your business can produce? You may be a small business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it? The truth is, we all need to become more innovative.

Quotable Quotes

“When your business or community shifts into a creativity and innovation mode, the outcomes can be spectacular”. Peter sergeant

“Supporting individuals working remotely along with business innovation initiatives is key to future-proofing your regional, rural or remote business”. Peter Sergeant.

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