Killer-phrases inhibit forward progress

Killer-phrases can lead to ill-health.

Killer-phrases often heard, prevent progress

You only have to walk down the main street of most communities, and you will listen to killer-phrases from all sorts of people. Often they contain no logic, but unless someone challenges them, they end creative conversations. Conversations which will move a community,  its businesses and non-profit organisations in the future. You only have to visit a town that is remote or off the ‘beaten track’, and you will see they are well behind the rest of the country.

Whether we like it or not killer-phrases can have a significant impact on our communities, businesses, colleagues, family and friends. They can impact our lack of progress, even our health and well-being. They are usually attributed to negative people, but everyone seems to use them.

Make use of family, friends and colleagues to help you overcome your lack belief in yourself and your use of killer-phrases. Killer-phrases could well be holding you back from reaching out and actioning your lifestyle dreams. Don’t let your killer-phrases be a way to reject the wisdom of others.

Killer-phrases you should avoid

Ineffective habits and behaviours eventually become active as people start to believe.

  • There is nothing to do in this community
  • I never have enough time or money
  • I am not skilled enough to go for my dream
  • Negative people aren’t dangerous; I tend to agree with them most of the time
  • I am too old to start something new
  • There is nothing I can do about anything; it’s all too hard
  • I need a university degree to solve that
  • Control and discipline are not my best attributes when it comes to taking action
  • I know clarity comes by taking time with problems, but I don’t have the time
  • My good intentions will never make things happen
  • I need more time to know it is safe to move forward
  • Leaders have all the answers, but I don’t see myself as a leader
  • Receiving help is a sign of weakness
  • I will never make the amount of money I want
  • Failing at something which makes you a failure
  • It needs to be right the first time, which is why I need all the facts
  • Simplicity and clarity don’t come quickly to me
  • Nobody ever believes in me
  • Whatever I do, it won’t amount to anything
  • If I had the energy, I might be able to do it

Of course, the opportunity cost will mean many ideas will need to be rejected to make a better idea possible. However, when there is no time allowed to consider new proposals, no new ideas are unlikely to receive the support they need. Killer-phrases are the roadblocks to creativity and innovation.

Quotable quotes

“We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon”. Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active”. Edith Hamilton



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