Lifestyle challenges beat just surviving

A good lifestyle doesn't happen by accident.

Lifestyle changes can improve your lifestyle.

What is your recipe for building a lifestyle and a business that works? It’s easy to see the people who understand how things work and  have strategies to create the results they want. You will end up a loser if you keep stumbling along wishing, hoping and constantly complaining that you never get a break. Change  the way you want to live and work by changing the culture you operate in because it can bring some balance into your life.

Today, many more people entering the workforce are looking to starting a small business or becoming a contractor, in order to improve their lifestyles. They want their work/life balance to be in tune with personal aspirations. The prospects of working for big corporations is becoming less appealing, despite the big salaries and fancy offices. Many people are now realising that security is an elusive goal and in order to find it, you have to risk it.

Your personal life is only part of your lifestyle.

You must do what it takes to accumulate enough knowledge to make your life work the way you would like. Your personal life should be in balance with your work life. Find out how the game is played by people who have great lifestyles. Play by the rules while avoiding risky behaviour.

In designing a strategy and getting the information you need about yourself, the people you encounter, or situations, be careful who you accept input from. Wrong thinking, strategies and actions coupled with bad information can settle your fate before you even get started. Build your toolkit because it can move your lifestyle in the direction you want as it is hard to be successful without the right tools and the right skills. 

Accept personal responsibility for your lifestyle.

It’s not the cards you were dealt, but the way you play them. It’s important to come to grips with the way you play your cards and your role in creating the outcomes you want, because how and why your life is the way it is, is up to you. Achieving the lifestyle you want is not about luck, you are in charge, you are the managing director of your lifestyle and the outcomes you achieve. Lifestyle and learning go hand in hand.

Don’t dwell on past failures and events, you don’t need excuses. You  need to start working on your attitude, the way you are thinking and the conversations you have. You will never fix a problem or make progress by looking in the rear-view mirror or blaming others.

Every choice you make, including what you think about, has consequences. When you start changing the way you think and the conversations you have your behaviour will change consequently the outcomes will be different. Take time to relax, think, reflect and plan your lifestyle and start pointing yourself in the right direction.

When you start to accept personal responsibility for your lifestyle, this is when life really starts to become fun. When you actually start designing the lifestyle that you want and learning the tools and systems to build your business to give it to you, then you can step up to the future you deserve. This is the part that can completely change your life.

Quotable Quotes.

“Saving your self-discovery for your holidays will only delay things”. Taking action today and every day is important if you want to make progress towards the lifestyle you dream about”. Peter Sergeant

“The truth is, no matter what your lifestyle or occupation. Nothing can really stop you when you’re allowing yourself to be exactly who you want to be”. Hayley Williams

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