Local import replacement need not be difficult.

Ask any business, and they will attest that local procurement is often too challenging; they have more important things to address. Unfortunately, many have never even thought about doing it. However, just sourcing supplies at a local level are no mean feat.  

Individually, you may not significantly impact the community, but when other businesses take up the challenge, the magic happens, and everyone in the community benefits.

How do cause people to take local import replacement initiative?

  • Be curious and do an opportunity scan.
  • Involve family members, employees and friends.
  • Create a demand for locally manufactured and grown products.
  • Simplify processes for people to become involved in finfing solutions.
  • Think a few steps ahead; the future of the town is at stake.
  • Look for green shoots to emerge and encourage them.
  • Listen to home-based business, they can offer many innovative ideas.
  • Seek to facilitate more local partnerships to achieve objectives.
  • Engage the older retired people who have plenty of practical experience.
  • Perseverance is needed when you introduce any new concept.

Sometimes people just need to show and verbalise their opportunities and ideas to bring them to life. It’s what organisations can accomplish that counts, whether that’s improved profitability, increased innovation, better customer experiences, or availability. By working together to align activities for the sustainable growth of your community, shaping the future in lockstep can reap many benefits for years to come.

Gemba Walk is the practice of observation, collaboration and understanding by going for a walk around your own business and involving others on a walk and talk to other companies in the town. The word Gemba comes from the Japanese word for “the real place”. The idea is that leaders should regularly and frequently be present to observe work when and where it occurs.

It helps to be prepared conceptually for the process and commercial business models and how the family and the community might benefit from the outset. Make clear how local import replacement solves their problems and frustrations before diving into the complexities of how they might go about doing it.  Clearly articulate the value proposition.

You have to demonstrate your ability to read the market and identify opportunities for local import replacement. Have a straightforward way of articulating the problems, issues, or challenges your community faces and why this solution can be the answer while creating new jobs and opportunities for many.

Quotable Quotes.

“Never forget you and your family are important investors in your town or village”. Peter Sergeant

“For your local import replacement to be effective, it needs to be treated as an important aspect of your community”. Peter Sergeant

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