Local imports should be replaced in regional areas.

Local imports kill local jobs.

Achieve sustainable jobs and community prosperity.

Start by examining current local imports of goods and services into the region, town or village, and develop the conditions to produce those goods from local resources with local labour. It is the best way to achieve sustainable jobs and community prosperity.

Is import replacement, the solution to scarcity, job losses and economic downturns, not only during a crisis such as COVID-19 pandemic but in general? At a time of catastrophic unemployment, can re-localising production create the products and jobs we need and generate local economic growth?

Buying local must always be at the forefront of people’s thinking. It will make the import replacement strategy much more natural to design and implement. Working on community purchasing power to strengthen their economy and future is more important now than ever. We need to build with muscle, not flab.

There are many examples of changes made in existing businesses.

  • A distillery starts producing hand sanitizers.
  • A t-shirt manufacturer switches to making face masks.
  • Expansion of local bred maker slows imports.
  • Training mechanics leads to local repair shops.
Important replacement can be likened to a wheelbarrow, someone has to push it.

Engage entrepreneurs to grow your ideas to replace local imports.

Consumers need to have ownership over their local economies, focusing on import replacement, with consumers and business owners coming together to identify gaps, and coming together to fill them.

We need to support the small business when it comes to:

  • Basic supplies.
  • Creating new businesses and jobs
  • Utilising new technologies
  • Community wealth building.
  • Leverage the community health systems.
  • Support local events.

You might think it will cost too much as prices might need to be higher, but the benefits of new jobs and a more vibrant local economy will soon become evident.

Local government leaders should demand their employees purchase as much as they can locally. People and local governments are figuring out how to bring back the local businesses which support the community, keeping the wealth at home and lifting entire community sectors which might otherwise have been sacrificed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local imports replacement starts with change advocates.

If you shop locally, the money stays in the community and keeps circulating. It adds dynamism to the local economy. State and local leaders need to take action quickly, and if they can’t, they need to seek kelp urgently. The longer they procrastinate, the worse the situation will become.

Our tool, “Benefits of Product Innovation” can help you to think through even more possibilities for local import replacement. Contact us for a copy, https://faqsupport.com.au/contact-us/

Key Message: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a massive collapse of our economy. Keeping your supplies local can help to reinvigorate and grow a town or village.

Quotable Quotes

“When you have exhausted all your options, you must choose to either seek help or fail. Better to seek help early”. Peter Sergeant

“To mitigate the sales dropoff owing to adversity, might mean working on products to sell directly to local consumers via a community sustainability model”. Peter Sergeant

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