Lock-down refinements can maintain productivity.

Lock-down refinements will always need to be made.

Lock-down refinements help employees refocus as they work remotely.

To the untrained eye, people who are working remotely at home looks a lot like doing nothing. A sure sign lock-down refinements are needed. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re almost all working from home, and most are inexperienced with the home working environment.

Having worked remotely for the best part of 40 years, I’ve developed a discipline, routines and processes for improving my productivity. New remote workers don’t have anything in place to keep them focused and productive. Most won’t have a dedicated workspace at home, either, because they’re used to leaving home for the office.

We procrastinate, sometimes taking a minute to watch a video. But, you do that in an office situation too. You will achieve more tasks at home than you ever accomplished in an office with coworkers. Interruptions become minimal and are much easier to control.

Lock-down refinements will be necessary to overcome loneliness which will be one of the biggest issues when working remotely for the first time.

Working remotely can cause much upheaval of people’s routines.

Many have their kids home, and you have a less than ideal discipline for remote work.  Here are some tips for helping people succeed while working from home.

  • Talk with your employees and change the conversations to help your employees thrive in a new, remote environment. Schedule calls see how they’re coping and talk about some of the successes and challenges they’re experiencing.
  • Provide your remote employees with the right tools to assist them in being productive in the new environment.
  • Will they need hand-holding until they can work with minimal supervision? No matter how they feel, they will appreciate some personal interaction, preferably using video-conferencing.
  • Be flexible and build trust, communicate well, but never micro-manage them. Remote employees will be improving productivity probably faster than in the office anyway. Give them a little slack to get settled into the new working environment.
  • Always take into account the emotional strain employees are experiencing, and be sure to cut yourself some slack, too. When you can, set up a physical space just for work, then leave it when your day is over.

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Key Message: How are you faring working remotely? Is your performance up to speed? Stop worrying, people all over the world have to make adjustments to their lives.

Quotable Quotes.

“We all need to rethink our attitudes and actions relating to our regional, rural and remote communities, and how they will work more successfully into the future”. Peter Sergeant

“In adversity, no one else knows what they’re doing either. We’re must continue making it up as we continue to become more action-orientated”. Peter Sergeant

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