Mistakes matter which has cost me dearly.

Mistakes matter when you want to make progress.

Mistakes matter even during adversity.

Is everything going to be okay? Well, it depends on how many mistakes you generate and what you learn from them. Inaction does not lead to everything being okay. If it’s not the drought, floods or fire, then something out of the blue like the COVID virus is going to cause you to make mistakes.

When you think everything will be the way it was and the way you expected it to be, think again, as the answer is no, and it always has been. If you believe everything is going to be the way it is going to be, then the answer is yes.

So if everything is going to be the way it’s going, your next question should be, “What are you going to do about it”?

Here are some mistakes which have cost me dearly over the years.

  • Doing it alone, while leaning too heavily on my own understanding.
  • Trusting what people said, not looking closely at their Values.
  • Listening to other people’s opinions and not trusting my gut feelings.
  • I become too complacent when things were going well.
  • I am reinvesting profits when I should have been diversifying income.
  • Many times I was not working to my strengths.
  • I was overextending by trying too hard to do too many things at once.
  • Employing people based on credentials, not personality.
  • Not maintaining a ‘think big’ attitude.
  • I procrastinated when I should have been taking more decisive action.
If you’re not making simple mistakes, progress will be slow.

If you are not making mistakes, then you aren’t trying hard enough. Many people could do better if they learned from their mistakes and weren’t so busy trying to justify them or play the blame game.

People today learn and make purchases in a whole new way compared to just a few short years ago. So businesses, non-profits and all marketers need to adapt or risk failure from which they may not recover.

Helping people to understand enterprises to change and move forward as customer and stakeholder expectations change. Continuing to do the same old things only leads to stagnation and eventual failure.

Have the courage to conquer your fear of making mistakes.

By rising to the challenge and never giving up because of mistakes you will accomplish what is important to you and your family. We rarely have complete control over the significant issues.

The way we interact with each other, the small kindnesses, the extra effort, it adds up. It might be enough to change someone’s day, and then the little ripples continue to impact across your community.

Many find themselves comfortable right where we are. Change is hard. Most people would rather suffer from a little less creativity and innovation rather than trying new things. In times like now, you have choices. Run and hide, stick our head in the sand, or seize the moment and use your time to limit the mistakes your business might be making.

“Rate the Mistakes Your Are Making” is a tool to help you to assess your situation. If you would like a copy of the tool please contact us, https://faqsupport.com.au/support/

I have written a book about my mistakes called, “Startup Smart and Sustain a Clever Business”, Contact us for a copy https://faqsupport.com.au/contact-us/

Key Message: People achieve because of their struggles. If you learn from your mistakes and failures and learn to seek advice to overcome the obstacles along the way, you too will become a winner.

Quotable Quotes

“Learn from your mistakes, and let painful experiences mould your future trajectory”. Peter Sergeant

“Your best opportunities often come after your mistakes and failures, as long as you learn from them and have good systems, tools and processes in place”. Peter Sergeant

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