Mobility benefit makes life work better.

Mobility benefit for everyone.

The mobile environment is here to stay.

Walkways, pushbikes, cars, buses, trucks, trains, and of course, digital technology all add up mobility benefits to how we interact with our environment.

Many people now benefit from being able to work from home and in an office environment.

Flexible working arrangements can offer many benefits:

Benefits of mobility for employees

  • Working hours better suit your employee’s lifestyle, particularly with young families. Lifestyle business could be your answer.
  • Their dreams and goals are more easily accomplished.
  • Assists employees to attend to their personal needs and responsibilities.
  • Less stress reduced the need to fight the traffic jams every morning and night.
  • May ease employee’s commute time (allowing for off-peak travel)
  • Flexibility in dropping off and picking up children or, relatives requiring care.
  • Great for those who would rather take time off through the working week and work on weekends and nights.
Employees can mix work with pleasure.

Benefits of mobility for managers and organisations

  • A happier, more efficient and productive organisation.
  • Better customer service and increased customer loyalty.
  • Fewer costs with reduced office space.
  • No impact on staff entitlements – no change to total hours.
  • Better able to take advantage of export markets.
  • Attract a more diverse range of talent, not previously available.
  • Provides a low-cost employee benefit which can impact staff retention positively.
  • More efficient use of workplace facilities and equipment.
  • Opens the door to more innovation possibilities.
  • Mobility gives more empowerment and motivation to the team.
  • More able to keep up with the exponential changes taking place.
  • People are less stressed, more responsive and productive.
  • Reduced absenteeism and employee turnover.
  • Mobility is attractive to potential employees with modern skills.
  • Save money in terms of office space, travel and improved efficiency.

The mobility evolution towards more virtual and flexible working conditions should be one of continuous improvement. Adapting to the changing business environment is extremely important. However, business improvement will only come about if the changes involve employees and improved customer engagement and service experience.

With mobility, hours do not diminish. When using flexible working arrangements, employees should perform all their tasks as per normal, just at different times. However, if a mobility strategy is done well, you can look forward to improvements in profits, growth and sustainability.

Mobility Benefit Quotable Quotes

Remote working is quickly shifting from a short-gap solution to a longer-term proposition for many. But, being offsite every day can be challenging, without access to good content”. Peter Sergeant

“We all need to rethink our attitudes and actions relating to our regional, rural and remote communities, and how they will work more successfully into the future utilising remote technologies”. Peter Sergeant

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