Movers and shakers matter in communities.

Movers and shakers are a critical asset.

Treasure your community’s ‘movers and shakers’

If you don’t support the movers and shakers the struggles will continue. It is a term used to refer to leaders and others who have made significant contributions to their communities. They are change agents, or put another way, as visionaries who get things done.

Movers and shakers are an essential component confronting the challenges in the district, despite the lack of resources and support. They have abundant practical knowledge and experience so they are not intimidated by authority.

They want a brighter future so they improve your community by involving citizens, visitors and newcomers. You can stop movers and shakers being ‘flogged to death’, by advocating for their resourcing and by supporting them better. Above all, they need to be listened to by the community leaders. They must become an ongoing part of how the community operates.

Otherwise, realistically when you think of all the barriers, it becomes almost impossible to move forward. Moving against all the bureaucratic red tape and the ‘do-gooder’ influencers, takes experience and good negotiation skills.

Movers and shakers are, in fact, the best and cheapest change agents. Many of them will be entrepreneurs. They are changing the game to improve access for marginalised people in the community. They don’t just focus on better health and well-being but to a brighter future overall. It all starts with them providing support, the support they can often ill afford.

Movers and shakers are action-orientated.

They hate humbug, bureaucracy and lazy people, they are doers and want to get things done. Most people look to what they know they can do as a guide to what they will do. To achieve anything worthwhile, look towards what is wanted and needed despite limited time and resources, thats what movers and shakers do. They figure out how on earth they’re going to get projects moving and accomplished. Movers and shakers are action-orientated finishers.

Change the signs in your community.

No more excuses needed, support your movers and shakers.

Eliminate excuses and start moving your community forward with the help of the movers and shakers. Here are some suggested actions you can take immediately to put ideas and opportunities into practice.

  • Seek out the movers and shakers and get to know them. Try to help them first, as they will usually return the favour.
  • Define for yourself the activities you love and enjoy and then organise yourself and your organisation do more for the community and the movers and shakers.
  • Believe in yourself and trust your feelings as an essential catalyst.
  • Determine what it is that you do which brings the most happiness to others and then organise so you can get others excited to help you.
  • Dedicate yourself to the development of your natural talents and abilities and become more supportive of community projects.
  • Discipline is the power which motivates you to do what you should do instead of what you want to do. Be one of those people known for handling the tough stuff first.
  • Clean up the clutter. Inspire the community with emotionally engaging new content.

Successful operators know what makes a thriving town or village. They know it significantly depends on the quality of their practical knowledge and experience as well as their objectives, strategies and actions. They understand that the way they feel will affect their way of thinking, which will impact the activities and the outcomes they work on and achieve.

Quotable quotes

“Academics and governments tend to discuss how global forces shape the choices we need to make about our communities, rather than the needs of the real people who live there, have the need and want to innovate for their future success”. Peter Sergeant

“It’s great for people to think in terms of ‘regional development’ and ‘community strategies’; however, it is the individual choices and actions which are the primary drivers”. Peter Sergeant

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