Objections undermine worthwhile projects

Never avoid or dismiss objections.

Most objections are only requests for more information

You want to do some introduce a new idea or do some community development, and everything seems to be going perfectly. You’re engaging, relating, and connecting. Then, instead of a big yes, to your proposal or project, you  hear objections such things as:

  • “I don’t think we can afford ”
  • “I’m not sure this is the right time to make such ”
  • “I have to check with the ”
  • Alternatively, some other response bringing your ideas to a screeching halt.

In such a scenario, you feel rejected and likely write off the idea and go back to doing something else. It does not have to be the outcome.

Early in my career, I attended a lot of business training, all of which said to avoid client objections, but it did not ring true for me, so I trusted my gut, and did what felt right.

Someone said to me, what you should be doing is turning objections into opportunities, I welcomed and understood that advice could make a real difference if I could work out how to do it.

Objections confirm a level of need or desire for your idea, product or service and help you to determine better the next steps you should take in the implementation process.

Embrace the objections made by your people, prospects and customers. Sometimes achieving the go-ahead can be challenging. Be ready; they are an inevitable step to improving community development.

Embrace objectives

I am not saying transforming objections into opportunities is easy. However, I know once you have mastered the skill, your success rate will increase dramatically. Embrace them as they:

  • Can be a request for more information
  • They give you important feedback
  • Give you clues as to the next step you should take
  • Clues as to how a person is thinking
  • An indication as to what the person understands
  • Pinpoints areas on which to concentrate
  • Gives you a second chance to make your point
  • Indicates the person or customer’s buying motives.
  • Can help you switch on the ‘green lights’ to go

 What causes objections to arise?

  • Lack of understanding about what you are suggesting
  • Your website and social media are hard to access and navigate
  • Your content marketing is inappropriate
  • The person you are dealing with is a poor decision maker
  • Disbelief of what you are offering
  • The person is a procrastinator
  • Unsure of the value of your product or service
  • There is no money
  • They have no authority to act
  • The person could be finding out information for a competitor
  • Sometimes people are filling in their time
  • They have something more important on their mind
  • Moreover, do not be surprised if the person is testing you.

A process for handling objections

  1. Welcome it, never evade, ignore or resent it
  2. Listen carefully and respectfully – with eye contact
  3. Pause, a person may answer the objections themselves
  4. Offer agreement with the person, “oh, that’s a good ”
  5. Restate, or rephrase for clarity in the form of a question
  6. Ask the question
  7. Confirm it and get agreement to your answer
  8. Ask if there are any other questions
  9. Get agreement on the point.

A great way to have the biggest nightmares and the shortest community development career is to shy away from answering objections.  People who are striving to fail, avoid situations which require any real discussion.

Quotable Quotes

“Objections only come when a person is asking you to overcome some of their doubts or fill in missing information”. Peter Sergeant

“There is nothing good that does not meet with opposition, and it should not be valued any less because it encounters objections”. Vincent de Paul

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