Overcome frustrations by managing expectations.

People don’t know what they don’t know. It brings out their frustrations. You rarely change things by defending and fighting the existing way you do things. Sometimes you know what you need to do but don’t know how to do it.

Have expectations that things will become easier for you. Believe nothing can or will go wrong as you achieve your desired outcomes.

If the going is still challenging, spend more time with practical, supportive people. Look to your family and friends you can talk to about your frustrations. People who have the time to listen and won’t judge you.

If this doesn’t help, or you feel uncomfortable dealing with family and friends, find an advisor who can provide practical experience to help you.  But make sure they have a good understanding of your situation.

Deal with your frustrations before they become a problem?

Analyse what makes you frustrated, what happens and how are people likely to behave.  You may need to change your outlook, objectivity and perspective when planning or to solve a problem. Don’t surround yourself with unnecessary clutter, noise and activities when trying to solve a problem.

If you’re not coping, it always helps to seek some practical advice.

As with any problem, the solution is to figure out your options, decide on a plan, focus, and take action. You should find then that you’re running into fewer problems and feeling less frustration. Instead, you may find that you’re running into opportunities, and you know exactly how to take advantage of them.

Quotable quotes

“Not everyone can understand and do something about transformation, but they can certainly point to problems and frustrations”.  Peter Sergeant

 “Every innovation is found when someone is looking at a problem or frustration and recognising the need to make changes”. Peter Sergeant

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