Packaging businesses makes sense

Packaging businesses can bring out the competitive advantage

Packaging businesses involves more than products

Everyone knows their image is important, but many don’t pay enough attention to it. People can relate and attach themselves if they can connect to an image. This makes packaging businesses a critical aspect which underpins business success.

It can be the artwork on your vehicles, the signage on your premises, the way you package your products or the way your employees present themselves. All great ways in which you can differentiate your business with a more holistic package.

Everywhere we look today there is someone offering the same services, sharing similar ideas, and marketing themselves in the same ways. Packaging businesses you must be able to rise above all the noise.

Spending more time and less money on their business is a constant challenge for owners and managers. Therefore the right package can simplify the best way you do business, helping you stay in control and save you time and money.

Combine your services with your products

What about packaging a service feature with your products in ways to that will enhance those products? It may create an entirely new product. Packaging businesses can benefit customers by cost saving, convenience and added value for them.

Years ago Toyota made huge inroads into the car market by selling their cars inclusive of all the features other car manufacturers sold as add-ons. Customers today don’t want to have to pay extra for some small feature, they don’t have the time or the patience.

Many companies have created an additional revenue stream by providing a consulting service, or running workshops and seminars based on their products and services. Many include these additional services in the price of their base products.

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Put real power into your packaging

Your packaging tells people something about your business. It may give them a solution to their problems, frustrations, wants and needs. It could mean going beyond the basics and creating something much bigger than your basic offering.

Could you provide a platinum-level service response time? Some customers will want almost instant response whereas others will wait a week or two for a response. The customer experience and service aspects of your business can make all the difference. Why not make your customer experience your competitive advantage?

How often have you purchased a product because you felt it was bigger than just the product itself, it gave you a better sense of security, lowered the risk level, or just made you feel better about yourself. Maybe this was because of the way something was named, presented or because of the attitudes of the people who were serving you.

Ultimately you need to find ways to differentiate your business. Ways to connect people to an image which is bigger than your base products and services. You want to be superior to your competition in every way possible. If you package, something which people can really connect with, it creates another reason to do business with you.

Quotable Quotes

“Competition is a great thing and critically important in any industry, I respect the companies who build their brands through innovation/great packaging, shape marketing and clever ideas”‘ John Robinson

“Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story”. Steve Jobs



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