Passion guides profitable sustainability

Your passion can drive you to new heights.

A lack of passion can be devastating

Without passion, you are like an old engine which sputters but no longer fires up, with any appreciable power. Finding your passion is like finding the fruit you like because, without it, it is hard to be enthusiastic about anything.

Several years ago, I returned from a very exhausting seminar, which made me think and reflect on the reasons I do what I do. I arrived home with a stack of work waiting to be done. I was unmotivated to attack it because I had lost sight of my passion.

Do you start your week halfhearted about the days ahead and the work you have to do? Does thinking of the number of tasks ahead exhaust and demotivate you? Do you see your profits eroding and growth slowing down?

Do you think about the endless tasks you have not completed? How will you combat the negative, de-motivating influences in your life? How will you avoid the people who waste your time and cause you grief? If so you should ask yourself; “why am I doing this”?

When you lose track of time and are watching the clock all day, it’s hard to be passionate about what you’re doing. Take note of what you’re doing and how you feel when you lose track of time. If you’ve forgotten your life’s passion or struggling desperately to find your passion in the first place, don’t worry, back off and take a short break and try something different. Whatever you do, don’t become inactive.

Passion is a crucial driver in difficult times

Passion, like dreams and a good plan which works to your strengths, are what drives people and their organisations. Money is only the indicator of how well you have done it, your ‘report card’.

You can make yourself feel better with your self-talk. “I’ve had a bad week”, or “You can’t always get what you want”, or “I am just worn out”. Should this happen, you need to take stock of your passion because it’s your passion that motivates you and will carry you through the tough times. J.K. Rowling once said, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”.

Discovering and following their passion is a significant reason why certain people manage to master their self-esteem and self-discipline to be successful. They do it regardless of how unfortunate their circumstances because they know what happens without it.

Discovering something you love to do will have a fantastic impact on your business and your entire life. Your passion will radiate like the ripples on a pond and excite everyone and everything you focus on achieving. I find it staggering how disorganised some people become when they stop doing things they enjoy to those they are required to do. 

Discover your passion easily

Knowing your real passion will change your business and your life, almost overnight, so start reflecting on what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Often all that is needed is a day off, and your passion for the business will return. How do you know what your passion is and discover your sincere enthusiasm for a particular activity or type of business or organisation?


Think of your passion like a beautiful flower opening up to the world.

Know what you want

Firstly, know what you want and what you are capable of doing because then turn the possibilities into realities or productive pursuits. You will enjoy life more when you are doing what you enjoy and like what you’re doing rather than what you don’t like doing.

Following is a framework you can use to think, reflect and write down your passions for each of these areas:

  1. Family and friends.
  2. Physical health and well-being.
  3. Career.
  4. Wealth.
  5. Education.
  6. Spiritual.
  7. Social involvement.
  8. Community.

Ask yourself, are you the driver of your destiny

When was the last time I laughed wholeheartedly? What was I doing at the time? Was it a day you spent playing with the kids or visiting friends? Take a trip down memory lane and analyse the engaging activities and essential things in your life, and you will find the clues to your passion. Maybe all you need is a better, more flexible working environment.

Ask your family they have passions too

Remember your family is on your team and probably knows you far better than anyone else, including yourself. Clarify your passion by merely talking about it because maybe a lifestyle change could be your answer

Examine the detail of your interests and those of your family

Be conscious of the choices you make in your everyday activities. When browsing through magazines and newspapers, what topics do you read, mark them and revisit them? Make a file on all critical articles and list every time you remember being happy and absorbed in an activity.

Identify people doing what you would like to do

Study the people who have been successful in doing what you want to do. Observe their particular strengths, resources and attributes which may have contributed to their success. Use this as a reference to gauge your unique capabilities.

Take a holiday from what you are doing

Your mind sometimes needs a rest from what you are currently doing. A mental holiday becoming involved in something you’re interested in might reveal a real passion.

Engage with your community

If your community likes your passion, they will support it, simply because people follow people with passions they want. Not only that they will get behind you to encourage you if the going gets tough. Why not do some volunteer work, to give you a different perspective and enjoy the benefits of helping others. Always follow your curiosity and seek to know what is going on around you.

Look beyond yourself to other people

Think of a person you believe personifies your ideal life and you look up to and respect? Consider the influence certain people have on you because this will help to reveal your best supporters and mentors. Make a list of the values of these people and how such traits would change your passion and situation for the better.

Start a list of things that appeal to you

You all have short memories, so start making a list of the things you like doing and are of interest to you. You will probably be surprised with what the list reveals, one idea sparks another since ‘iron sharpens iron’.

Look at what you loved doing as a child

It is a simple way to expose things with the potential to light up your passion. Before you grew up and were exposed to other people’s ideas. Most knew exactly who you were and what you liked doing.

Start your planning based on your passion

It’s not the plan that is all-important; it’s the process you go through because it opens up possibilities and helps you to discover your passion. Allocate an hour each day to start planning your future, because an hour a day will make a big difference to anyone’s life. Start today by designing your ideal business, based on your passion and reflect upon the most appropriate people to get involved in helping you. Serious-planning can clear your ‘mind traffic’, an excellent place to start.

Do the hard work; it always comes before success

Busy yourself with things you consider worthwhile, prioritise your activities and do the things you have control over that will have the most significant impact. Pour those newly found energies into creative outcomes. Remember, planning doesn’t do the work, people do the work.

Rational thinking won’t always reveal your passion

Convert passion to action. Pondering on the points above will help you to find your passion. When you find your passion you will be better able to handle any adversity and disruptions in your life,  Your thoughts must translate into action as without new actions, there will be no change. Look for a passionate experience today and every day that you can convert into action.

Is there a particular event or topic in your life which makes your whole face light up? What makes you smile and happy whenever you encounter it. Take this as a sign of something you are passionate about achieving. Action orientation only becomes firmly ingrained when passion is involved.

If you’re still trying to work out what your real passions are, stop reasoning and think ‘outside the box’. Imagine you are at your funeral, what you would like said in your eulogy.

Write down your lifetime achievements, the differences you made, and what you were most proud of because this will provide you with some insight. How many of these things are you doing right now?


“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”. Oprah Winfrey

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out”. Steve Jobs

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