Personas matter

Personas matter in relationships

Personas guide customers/prospects thinking and behaviour 

Personas are a standard marketing tool and should inform you of exactly what you need to be doing to improve your product and service design and marketing outcomes.

How would you feel if once a day, every day you received an email from someone new who wanted to work with you? You didn’t have to chase them down. They just showed up on your doorstep eager to work with you.

Personas can be elaborate constructs based on reams of research and data. Or they can be constructed quickly with the data and information you already have.

Not all people are the same and should not be treated as such if you want to maximise your marketing efforts.

Demographics and psychographics

Personas are becoming very important because their motivations become your action plan for generating leads and retaining customers. You probably know a lot about their gender, geographic location, marital status, age and so on. This makes up the demographics of your personas.

But there’s another component needed to understand your prospects and customers. How do your prospects and customers think and behave? What is their lifestyle like, what are their habits and hobbies? What kind of values and opinions do they have?

The answers to these questions are the psychographics. You need to know this information to understand who’s buying what you’re selling.

Designing your products and services

The persona is intended as a repository of all the knowledge gained about your users during research. Knowledge which will be useful for the final product and services design. 

When designing your products and services, the persona itself isn’t usually of great importance. Though having a ‘person’ to refer to, to talk about, and to design for is important. What’s valuable is the information that it conveys.

There are several ways to capture this information, of which personas are just one. Organise your user research in a way it will transition to design. That is the key, not the persona itself.

What specific personal information will improve your marketing?

Quotable Quotes

“Making Breakthroughs”Demographics explain ‘who’ your buyer is, while psychographics explains ‘why’ they buy. Knowing what the day in the life of your buyer persona looks like is undoubtedly valuable when creating an integrated marketing strategy”. Maggie Hibma

“You need an accurate reflection of any market segment you are targeting as a guide to their thinking and behaviour and your responses”. Peter Sergeant

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