Structure plays significant role planning wisdom.

Planning wisdom quotes can enhance your future.

A Case Study by Peter Sergeant

Yes, planning wisdom helps you to get control of your business and your life. I have found it’s important to know and understand what motivates you. Over the years I have collected thousands of quotations by famous, and not so famous people who have both inspired and encouraged me throughout my career.

Along the way, I came up with a few quotations of my own and I would like to share them with you here in relation to that critical function of business development, called planning. Many of the following quotations have inspired men to keep going and keep planning in times of drought and adversity.

Take time to think and reflect on your experiences and relationships with planning. Look for the lessons you have learned and apply your findings in your future through your collection of quotations.

“I believe it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor because what you accomplish in your career and personal life will be determined by how well you can get your message across and by how capable you are in inspiring people to take action on your ideas and opportunities”. Peter Sergeant

There is a truism about doing business plans which many overlook. They don’t resist the work involved, but fear perceived loss, many not wanting to know the truth about their organisation. Yes, they are afraid of what the planning process might reveal about their future; they will instead maintain the status quo, which is why they never grow.

Look at planning as a way to achieve more with less.

Understanding Planning Wisdom Quotes

  1. “Planning is too hard doing it by yourself”. Peter Sergeant
  2. Strategic planning is about the desired future and the necessary strategies and operations to achieve it”. Peter Sergeant
  3. “Get back on track and move closer to your dreams and aspirations with a sound plan for your future”. Peter Sergeant
  4. “Emphasise action plans; nothing happens until someone does something”. Peter Sergeant
  5. “Overcome fear, doubt and uncertainty so you can be bolder and more confident of good outcomes during the drought. Good planning can overcome many perceived problems”. Peter Sergeant
  6. “The business plan only becomes useful with timely actions”. Peter Sergeant
  7. “Not having a plan is like trying to build an aeroplane in flight”. Peter Sergeant
  8. “Unless planning senses the changing environment, helps you to react to it, then failure is inevitable”. Peter Sergeant
  9. “Whoever tells the best story in their planning will usually win”. Peter Sergeant
  10. “Business planning is designed to make you think of issues you may otherwise consider until it’s too late”. Peter Sergeant
  11. “To aim for anything requires you to know what you want, and then plan accordingly”. Peter Sergeant
  12. “A business plan is a tool that should fit the purpose of a business, and it must be objective and dynamic”. Peter Sergeant
  13. “Women are good at planning because they see the agenda and simply do it”. Peter Sergeant
  14. “A plan is simply a roadmap to guide you to your destination, taking you the best and quickest way”. Peter Sergeant
  15. “You can’t become a true believer in business planning unless you have done the hard yards”. Peter Sergeant
  16. “Stretch goals in your planning will drive and stimulate out-of-the-box thinking”. Peter Sergeant
  17. Best practice planning requires a shift from the status quo to something which excites the stakeholders”. Peter Sergeant
  18. “Most of your planning efforts will require some trial and error.” Peter Sergeant
  19. Most business owners need external objectivity to keep them on track with their Business Plan “. Peter Sergeant
  20. “Further research is critical to informed planning of delivery services to reduce future drought-related risks to health and well-being”. Peter Sergeant.

Good planning can take the worry out of your business and your life.

Management Planning Wisdom Quotes

  1. “Success begins and ends with you taking personal responsibility for your action plans”. Peter Sergeant
  2. “Have not considered your planning ideas may be flawed”. Peter Sergeant
  3. “For your planning to be effective, it needs to be treated as an important aspect of your business”. Peter Sergeant
  4. “Your planning can bring tomorrow into today so that you can do something about it”. Peter Sergeant
  5. “Planning helps you anticipate issues you are likely to encounter, in time for you to take remedial action”. Peter Sergeant
  6. “Many people hate systems, but they are now critical to business success, including planning”. Peter Sergeant
  7. “One good quote or planning tip can change your whole day, your business and even your whole life. Peter Sergeant
  8. “Win big by starting your planning small, thinking big and scaling quickly”. Peter Sergeant
  9. “It is the planning process and the resulting actions that drive the outcomes you want’. Peter Sergeant
  10. “TheBusiness Plan helps you to keep score, without which you are aimless”. Peter Sergeant
  11. “Distinguish between a plan written for a bank and a plan which details your desired outcomes”. Peter Sergeant
  12. “No matter how much you might feel like you want to quit planning, never give up, find better ways. Peter Sergeant
  13. “Before choosing options for your business vision, plan to have an objective assessment of what you want”.  Peter Sergeant
  14. “A plan is a road map to help navigate where you hope to take your business with desired outcomes”. Peter Sergeant.
  15. “If your family and employees are relying on you for their incomes, what happens if your plan fails? Peter Sergeant
  16. “Who knows where your business is heading and how the business is tracking without a plan”? Peter Sergeant
  17. “Don’t become a slave to your business; a worry-free business can be a reality with a little dose of planning. Peter Sergeant
  18. “Stop people living in their past, get them working on their future with practical possibility thinking”. Peter Sergeant
  19. “Unlock the handcuffs on your business and discover new ways to work and play with good planning”. Peter Sergeant
  20. “If you want your business plan to work well, don’t use other people’s strategies and actions”. Peter Sergeant
  21. “Choose your directors carefully; too many strong personalities and your vision could eventually clash”. Peter Sergeant
  22. “To live through seemingly impossible situations, you need to know how to plan”. Peter Sergent
  23. “What you incorporate into a plan may require seeking advice and not leaning on your own understanding”. Peter Sergeant
  24. “Communication of the business plan is important; after all, you want your family and others to understand”. Peter Sergeant
  25. “Your plans need to be flexible, in harmony, and transparent, while reflecting stakeholder aspirations”. Peter Sergeant
  26. “Individuals play the game, but planning as a team makes all the difference”. Peter Sergeant

Good planning helps you to know what’s going on in your organisation.

Personal Planning Wisdom Quotes

  1. “Whatever pain you’re evading a sound business plan will help, it beats procrastination hands down”.  Peter Sergeant
  2. “No matter how fast you travel unless you are on the right track you will never get where you want to go”. Peter Sergeant
  3. “Planning helps you to be aware of how you naturally react to setbacks”.  Peter Sergeant
  4. “Without a plan, the way you think, act and make decisions in the heat of the moment can be dangerous”. Peter Sergeant
  5. “When you have a deadline, you are more likely to take action and do the things that are important to you”. Peter Sergeant
  6.  “Success comes to those who plan with passion, patience and persistence” Peter Sergeant
  7. “Just one good idea can change your day, your business and your future, so let’s make it a good one” Peter Sergeant
  8. “To be able to shape your future, you have to be willing and able to change your current situation”. Peter Sergeant
  9. “To get what you have never had, you must plan to do what you have never done. Peter Sergeant
  10. “If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there”. Peter Sergeant
  11. “What number do you plan to earn to replace your income after you’ve quit your 9-to-5 job”. Peter Sergeant
  12. “Everyone has baggage, so find someone who loves you to help you unpack and create a sound plan”. Peter Sergeant
  13. “You don’t have to be great to do good planning, but you have to start to be great”. Peter Sergeant
  14. “Without a plan, it’s faith or fear – it’s your choice”. Peter Sergeant
  15. “Without a good business plan, you are bound for mediocrity, with a plan you can accomplish miracles. Peter Sergeant
  16. “Without a sound plan, it will be easy for people to walk all over you”.  Peter Sergeant
  17. “Are you trying to do everything you can with all you have without a sound plan”? Peter Sergeant
  18. “Finding new opportunity is a matter of choice, plan or wait for luck”. Peter Sergeant
  19. “You’ll see more positive outcomes when a person’s work is aligned with the Business Plan objectives, “. Peter Sergeant
  20. “Where do you want to be? Does your current plan take you closer the future you dream about”? Peter Sergeant
  21. “If you don’t focus on planning your future you will stay in your past”. Peter Sergeant
  22. “A year from now you will wish you had started planning today”. Peter Sergeant
  23. “The past is where you learned from your planning efforts and the future is where you deploy the lesson”. Peter Sergeant
  24. “Make your plan and stick to it. Don’t let others make you feel guilty about what you want to do”. Peter Sergeant
  25. “Making a big change in your life can be frightening. The one thing worse is regretting not having tried “. Peter Sergeant
  26. Rely on your “gut feelings” to come to the right decision for you. Only use your brain as a backup unit. Peter Sergeant
  27. “Live by your successes and learn from your mistakes; living with your mistakes will never create successes”. Peter Sergeant
  28. “Always be questioning, is this strategy moving me towards my goals and where is the profit”? Peter Sergeant
  29. “When your dreams turn to dust, bring out the vacuum cleaner”. Peter Sergeant
  30. “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you simply refuse to quit planning”. Peter Sergeant
  31. “You cannot change what you refuse to work on”. Peter Sergeant
  32. “The important question about planning isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to help me”.  Peter Sergeant
  33. “Have the courage to conquer your fear of failure by never giving up on planning what’s important to you”. Peter Sergeant
  34. “Accept personal responsibility for your future planning and stop doubting it”. Peter Sergeant

Good planning helps to align all activities with your vision and objectives.

Marketing Planning Quotes

  1. “Many businesses fail because they didn’t plan for the low customer demand or the small market size”. Peter Sergeant
  2. “Opportunities come from analysed marketing failures and an updated Business Plan has been created”. Peter Sergeant
  3. “When your business slows down in the off-season, use the time to plan sales for the next peak period”. Peter Sergeant
  4. “You can have a thousand ways to plan lead generation, but if you can’t convert you are going to struggle”. Peter Sergeant
  5. “Don’t focus on making money; focus on improving the customer experience with a sound Business Plan”. Peter Sergeant
  6. “Once you have your first big client, you’ll find it much easier to land other clients, but not without a plan”. Peter Sergeant
  7. “With planning, amazing opportunities often present themselves way before we think we’re ready”. Peter Sergeant
  8. “Plan to learn something valuable to others, then maximise your earning from the knowledge”. Peter Sergeant
  9. “Never be discouraged, as it’s often the last thing you try which opens the door. Peter Sergeant
  10. “Plan on at least three breakthroughs during the year, your future could be riding on it”. Peter Sergeant
  11. “If you have lost your motivation then the problem probably is you have lost sight of your plans”. Peter Sergeant
  12. “Big problems have been solved when they were small by following a plan which changed conversations”. Peter Sergeant
  13. “An idea or opportunity is worthless unless it is developed and utilised through sound planning”. Peter Sergeant
  14. “Content is king, and if you plan on having great content you will build your castle”. Peter Sergeant
  15. “It’s not the cards you are dealt which makes you successful; it’s how you plan to play them. Peter Sergeant
  16. “A good business plan can show you the best way to play your cards and when to play them”. Peter Sergeant
  17. “In planning new product development, complacency is not allowed if you want to avoid failure”. Peter Sergeant
  18. “Robust planning is a powerful problem-solving and decision-making to ensure successful outcomes”. Peter Sergeant
  19. “It’s nice to let ‘little things’ win, occasionally, but you are capable of achieving ‘big things’ if you want”. Peter Sergeant

Good planning helps you to see the best opportunities before others.

Action Planning Quotes

  1. “Your business doesn’t have a remote control; you have to make the changes”. Peter Sergeant
  2. “Business Plans are only ever as good as their implementation”. Peter Sergeant
  3. “Planning to do a Business Plan is not a Business Plan”. Peter Sergeant
  4. “Keep moving towards your vision of the future. Never stand still and believe in yourself and your plans”. Peter Sergeant
  5. “With good planning, there is no such thing as over-preparation or too much action”. Peter Sergeant
  6. “The key to having a successful business lies in taking daily action on your Business Plan”. Peter Sergeant
  7. “Spending just 15 minutes a day learning and implementing the right plan can make a big difference”. Peter Sergeant
  8. “Don’t always take action for recognition or reward, do it because of the good it will do, the real reward”. Peter Sergeant
  9. “Many know the clarity a Business Plan can bring to a business, but fewer insist on good implementation”. Peter Sergeant
  10. “Action orientated people rule the world”. Peter Sergeant
  11. “When you’re not making any progress, don’t adjust your goals, adjust your action steps”. Peter Sergeant
  12. Stop your small, unimportant actions and projects and look at the plan you have for your future”. Peter Sergeant
  13. “Worry is usually caused by a poor organisation, preparation, control and lack of action”. Peter Sergeant
  14. “Reduce ‘Mind Traffic, use a to-do-list, do the hard stuff first so you can develop your plan for the future”. Peter Sergeant
  15. “Stop talking and start becoming action-orientated”. Peter Sergeant
  16. “Perfection in planning costs too much, get going and implement a continuous improvement program”. Peter Sergeant
  17. “If you always feel that you could have done more, you will always feel that you have not done enough”. Peter Sergeant
  18. “Shuffling papers and doing basic operational tasks can be stress relieving but not goal achieving”. Peter Sergeant
  19. “Emphasise action plans; nothing happens until someone does something”. Peter Sergeant
  20. “A business plan can only be implemented well with appropriate and timely actions”. Peter Sergeant
  21. “If you want to solve big problems, pay attention to small things and become action-orientated”. Peter Sergeant
  22. “Create the desire within yourself to make you take action to satisfy your wants and needs”. Peter Sergeant
  23. “Be refreshed for taking action, everything and every action-orientated person can create a miracle”. Peter Sergeant
Positive planning must be followed up with positive actions.

Project Planning Quotes

  1. “The busier you are with projects, the more you need to plan, or your struggles will continue”. Peter Sergeant
  2. “If you stumble, get back up: what happened yesterday no longer matters, just update your project plans”. Peter Sergeant
  3. “Stop planning to get ready to get started and get started instead”. Peter Sergeant
  4. “Look for the trees, not the leaves, don’t let your planning become bogged down in unnecessary detail”. Peter Sergeant
  5. “Writing a one-page business plan is the first struggle in launching a new venture, or project”, but worth the effort”. Peter Sergeant
  6. “If you want to achieve your aspirations, then trust in and those who can support you and your planning”.  Peter Sergeant
  7. “Always be thankful for what you have, using planning to make the most of what you have”. Peter Sergeant
  8. “If you want good project outcomes, then the better your plans need to be to deliver the desired outcomes”. Peter Sergeant
  9. “You can’t outsource your project planning creativity, but you can outsource a catalyst to help you”. Peter Sergeant
  10. “When planning projects, if you want to make progress, never confuse activity with accomplishment”. Peter Sergeant

Planning will help you to stop making excuses for poor project outcomes.

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