Predict future outcomes with some certainty.

To predict future outcomes is too hard by yourself.

Predict future outcomes beyond COVID-19 with proven techniques.

When you want to predict future outcomes, specific attributes of practical people are more likely to predict future success, in every aspect of life.

Stanford University did a study; academics gave children a marshmallow. They also told them they would get a second one after they returned in the room.

Those kids who could wait to get two marshmallows, instead of one, had greater life success across numerous domains. The test has its critics, but patience and success are linked.

Whatever pain you’re evading at this moment by not working on your plans for the future is nothing compared to the torment which procrastination will inflict on you. Your leadership has never been more critical.

If you don’t develop your plan now, and ensure you have the systems and tools you need, then you’re going to become a statistic in this COVID-19 pandemic. Another closed business, or another brilliant idea which you couldn’t get off the ground.

Yes you can do it, just give it a go and enjoy the experience.

Mentally tough and disciplined people are more likely to be successful, even after facing adversity at work, or in their private lives.

Use these thought starters to predict future outcomes.

  • Improve your ability to say no without closing doors.
  • Conscientiousness and be confident in your knowledge abilities.
  • Focus on facts, not just opinions of others.
  • Focus on becoming a good marketer and financially savvy.
  • Avoid instant gratification, fads disappear.
  • Face adversity while learning from other’s mistakes and failures.
  • Focus on self-education and being practical, reliable, useful and helpful.
  • Grit and determination. Suck it up and put steel in your belly.
  • Learn to plan and take out the strain.
  • Those who innovate are more likely to stay on track to the future.

Assuming you know and understand future outcomes can be a false assumption. 85% of small business owners say they’re struggling to make ends meet, and many think they’ll have to shut down as a result of this COVID-19 pandemic.

Things are looking pretty bleak for a lot of hardworking people around the world. If you’re a business leader, entrepreneur, or someone struggling to make the next move, then contact us, Our tool “Rate Your Issues”, will help you to focus and reach the ‘can do it’ stage faster.

Key Message: When you are finding it difficult to move out of your comfort zone to create a better future, seek help immediately, it will be worth the effort.

Quotable Quotes.

“The future you want depends on what you do today”. Mahatma Gandhi

“When investing your time and money, changes which might be comfortable are rarely profitable. As a minimum, the investment should drive you closer to your desired culture for achieving outcomes for the future”. Peter Sergeant

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