Problem-solving requires future thinking about content.

Problem-solving can become easier with good content and content marketing..

Don’t be led by your problem-solving; follow your dreams with good content.

Problem-solving requires skilful decision-making, so you don’t become obsessed with problem-solving at the expense of your vision for the future. You can’t achieve the vision you have by not taking actions related to your future content marketing.

‘No’ is indeed part of leadership, but success requires ‘yes’ to future thinking. Achievement requires more than problem-solving. Problems happened in the past. Problem-solving is a backward-looking activity.

The diverse components are required for future problem-solving to prepare adequately for the future in front of you. Increase your global awareness and explore content related to current issues projected into the future. Don’t brag about things you aren’t doing.

The problems you need to address are coming to you in your future. So, if you are going to focus on problems, look to finding those likely to impact your journey into the future in a negative way.

Creativity and Innovation are critical. Problem-solving situations are set in the future to encourage inventive thinking. Learn to look at your content marketing from a variety of perspectives. Creativity is essential as it can generate challenges and develop many ideas for solutions to pressing problems.

Future thinking requires content focused on your vision.

Critical thinking helps you to think clearly and rationally, without letting your emotions get in the way, letting your feelings or the emotions of others affect your judgement.

A leader who keeps eliminating the bad never finds time for producing the good. Writing and content management can help to uncover better ways of doing things.

Critical thinking requires you to challenge assumptions and to question the validity of any potential bias in information and content. Future thinking is the ability to engage in independent thinking, making up your mind from evidence and facts rather than just accepting information and other people’s knowledge on face value.

If you have critical thinking skills, you can do the following:

  • Solve problems systematically
  • Understand the logical connections between ideas and opportunities
  • Identify, create and evaluate arguments
  • Identify the relevance and importance of ideas and opportunities
  • Discover inconsistencies and common mistakes in analysis and logic
  • Reflect on the justification of your beliefs and values
  • Become more open to new ideas and opportunities.

I have read the most outstanding content in blogs and articles only to meet the individual in person and wondered, “I thought you would be more knowledgable based on what you had written”. I have also met great people who had less polished content and found them to have capabilities more aligned with what they are trying to achieve.

Problem-solving can keep you yoked to the past.

Don’t be stuck in the past by only solving problems. While problems need solutions, successful leaders seize opportunities. You can’t create the future while you’re focused on the past.

The same old content gets the same old outcomes.

While it’s important to stop negative behaviours, successful leadership requires action orientation. You might stop yelling at people, but success requires positive affirmation. You might stop tearing down, but success requires building up. You might stop interrupting, as listening gives you the answers you want and need.

It doesn’t matter how many weeds you pull if you haven’t planted new seeds. If you can get there by not doing much of what you need to do, you aren’t going far.

Quotable Quotes

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices”. William James

“Want to improve your outcomes, then change your thinking about your content and content marketing”. Peter Sergeant

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