Reduce insecurities with action orientation.

Very few people don’t have insecurities; some seem better at hiding them, or perhaps they have learned to manage them better than you. But, yes, everyone worries about what other people think of them or worry about failing.

Social media has created a culture of getting us to seek approval with likes and retweets. It’s showing off amazing bodies and amazing travels, and food only exacerbates the problem. The question then how do we overcome some of these insecurities?

  • Overcome fear generated by past failures.
  • Reassess your self-image.
  • Prioritise your needs.
  • Stop seeking approval for everything you do.
  • Trust your judgement.
  • Embrace the awkward.
  • Focus on what is essential and outsource the rest.
  • Use social media wisely.
  • Stop accepting criticism and maintain a positive outlook. 
  • Start to notice your insecurities so that you can deal with them.

There is an internal dialogue that accompanies our feelings of insecurity; it’s called your inner voice. You will notice it being more vocal in one area or another. There can be many obstacles to wear you down. However, if you can focus on becoming more action-orientated, you will be pleasantly surprised by how your self-confidence will improve.

Accept the best version of yourself; it’s your life and the only one you have. Forgive the past and forget your past failures and anyone who has wronged you. Learn all you can about positive thinking.

Stop unnecessary comparisons; there are always people better and worse than you. Instead, develop more trust in your ability and capacity to get the job done. Take time to learn the lessons mistakes and failures have to teach you.

Many things shape our critical inner voice, including negative attitudes directed toward us. Successful people leverage fear to their advantage. When you can control your fears, direction and focus take over.  So often, NIKE is right, don’t procrastinate, do it.

Quotable Quotes

“Often, it is the fear of actually starting or failing, which holds people back. Remember nothing ventured; nothing gained, so become action-orientated”. Peter Sergeant

Doing as well as thinking is critical; if something feels right, take action, and understand what you like and what you don’t like. We are nothing else but what our action- orientation makes of us”. Peter Sergeant

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