Refocusing training for regional communities.

Refocusing training will make a difference if entrepreneurs are involved.

Every regional town needs to support entrepreneurs

It often seems like everyone is putting a lot into supporting startups and entrepreneurs in our regional, rural and remote communities. Alas, much of it is misdirected and even unhelpful when it comes to refocusing training to improve communities and halt the decline. 

Entrepreneurs are renown for generously helping others create amazing possibilities, but only if they have the support to do so.

No matter how many people you seek to educate, no matter how many try a business, only a handful seem to succeed. Traditional training programs aren’t a good fit for an entrepreneur or person wanting to start or expand a business in regional areas.

For decades we have been helping entrepreneurs, individuals, businesses and organisations across industries imagine and implement strategy and innovation initiatives through better planning practices.

We emphasise making strategic planning simple, engaging, and fun. Why? Because when you show people how to shape their approach to the future, they become empowered and achieve the outcomes they are seeking on into the future.

Long training classes mean entrepreneurs drop out early, whereas short one-time training workshops usually leads to no one attending as there is insufficient practical knowledge imparted, mainly the information and knowledge people are seeking.

Most government training workshops focus on compliance where all they talk about is complying with a bunch of rules, which mean participants don’t learn anything useful about how to run or grow a business, employ more people and make a profit.

Teaching theory has limited value for people under stress.

Experts who are too academic and training which focus on useless stuff like formal business planning processes or taxation means people become bored and drop out, and nothing much changes.

Not only do entrepreneurs know how to solve problems quickly and make decisions, they know how to join up the dots.

All too often the experts don’t like the long trips to small towns in the regions, and they demand inconvenient hours for their training sessions, which means poor attendance.

Entrepreneurs create new conversations, which will lead to better relationships, better health and better businesses as well as nicer places in which to live. Many people look at themselves in the mirror and are unhappy with their reflections. You may want to help them avoid this and have no regrets at the end of their lives.

When you are refocusing training, where is your community now?

Depending on where you are at, you probably fit into one of three categories:

  1. You struggle with consistent performance and rely too heavily on others without the necessary skills. It’s likely you struggle and experience big highs and lows which leave you wondering if anything will ever change.
  2. You are able to get projects started, but they never seem to be finished. You want to pursue more, high-value projects, but you find it difficult to get past the gatekeepers and naysayers, It has resulted in many conversations leading nowhere.
  3. You’re looking for ways to sustainably grow your community and its business community, but lately, growth has plateaued or continues to decline. Every month the strategies that used to work lead to diminishing returns.

However, you could be right at the cusp of exponential growth, just as long as you can crack the code on how to bring in new opportunities and innovation to the community as a whole.

Refocusing training programs with entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

Look for a way to encourage entrepreneurs to help each other, a  way to make entrepreneurship rewarding, exciting and people more self-reliant in the town or village.

The long workshops, seminars and conferences address many of the critical business skills people want and need, but people remember very little when they are focused on solving one problem causing the concern right now. They are not interested in learning about what they might need in six months or years down the track.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs need support and fast learning about their immediate problems and frustrations in informal settings. Long formal courses work great for a few people who like classrooms. What about the vast majority who want to get on with the job of running their organisations better? 

Our brain can only handle three things at once before it shuts down, and you lose a person’s attention. It all has to do with how a brain works and prioritises information, so bombarding people with useless information and knowledge has no place in helping a town or village make progress.

While the concept of engaging entrepreneurship itself is quite simple, the results are so profound you will find all successful people and communities engage entrepreneurs at every opportunity.  

People want to learn practical, actionable steps they can put into action right away to bring about immediate changes; the theory doesn’t help much when they are up to their armpits in drought or some other crisis.

Refocusing training to make entrepreneurship a self-sustaining proposition.

Urgent changes in the way communities and their entrepreneurs are supported and trained for the future, need to be made, particularly those who know the business basics and their community better than any external advisor from the city.

Communities need to find entrepreneurs who will support start-up programs for the next generation, the disabled, the unemployed, along with those seeking a new direction in life. Of course, there are always those on the brink of a disaster which could, with some entrepreneurial experience, could be rescued along with the jobs.

In refocusing training, trickle-down economics doesn’t work without experienced and practical entrepreneurs.

Seek out a training model which is easy, flexible and fits into any existing community requirements, and it needs to implemented at short notice, striking when the need is there. Will today’s emergency even be remembered? Will those things you’re particularly anxious about have been hardly worth the time and effort? Better question: What could you do today which would matter a year from now, or in ten or twenty years?

Learn how this fits with respected models of adult learning without getting bogged down in formal lessons plans and theory. If you don’t know how or you are tired of continually training and supporting start-ups which don’t last; you will find where there is a will, there is a better way.

Appreciation of entrepreneurship is needed

Unfortunately, it’s not widely apprehended why communities and businesses stay stuck in ruts, or the best way to move beyond stalled growth and decline. It is to apply the principles of entrepreneurship at all levels in the community’s various ecosystems. Start today by utilising entrepreneurs to tap into abundance, energy and fulfilment, and don’t let politicians fail you. What advice would you give someone who wants to start, or expand a business in your town but isn’t sure if it’s the right thing to do?

Quotable Quotes

“The truth is, entrepreneurship can be more like a roller coaster ride than a cruise ship, but you will find life is never boring”. Peter Sergeant

“Everybody walks past opportunities and ideas every day, while experienced entrepreneurs can see many of them. Most people are not entrepreneurs, so don’t see the opportunities presenting themselves”. Peter Sergeant

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