Regional hotspot for small business

Regional hotspot for creativity and innovation

Regional areas can enhance your lifestyle and business

With all the evolving technologies and globalisation, our regions have become the ideal place to start and run a business, non-profit organisation or advisory practice. Regional areas are a hotspot for improving lifestyles and business operations

Businesses with technology competencies are more confidently relocating to our regional, rural and remote areas. Mostly in search of a slower, more meaningful lifestyle for them and their families.

Despite the droughts and flooding rains, and the economic and political turbulence,  many feel more stable and sustainable operating from a regional location. ABS migration data indicates families more than baby boomers are shifting to the inland or coastal areas and taking their business aspirations with them.

It can only be a good thing for our regional communities as it can bridge the city/country divide while bringing much needed new skills with them.

Both young and older generations are no longer waiting for markets to settle or governments and big business to forge more opportunities in the regions. Instead, they are moving out of the cities and putting their trust in their technology skills to create exciting new opportunities.

New technologies and broadband can and does make regional businesses competitive. Cheaper Real Estate and living expenses also enhance their competitiveness. Of course, the stable workforces in our local communities adds significantly to the mix.

Regional hotspot inspiring innovation

Doing business in the bush not only inspires a willingness to think more creatively, but it can also lead to funding opportunities for innovation which most city businesses don’t have available to them.

Operating in the cloud and holding meetings via video conference is par for the course for many of the businesses in regional areas. Social media marketing is a constant for marketing activities aiming to attract customers from the cities, indeed internationally.

Where will you go to enhance your creativity and innovation?

Country living in a regional hotspot gives you time to learn to innovate.

Farmers are renowned for their innovative practices, and this can be an additional inspiration and catalyst for new businesses. Farming is one of the oldest industries around, but when you take time to investigate, there are many new opportunities to be uncovered.  

You don’t have to look too far to see innovations created by farmers and others in regional communities. If you were to spend the same amount of time driving around the geographical areas as you do commuting every day in the big cities, you would quickly come to appreciate the opportunities and living standards available to you.

Easy access Big Data, Mobile and Artifical Intelligence are making it just as comfortable in regional areas helping you to know and understand what is going on in the world like never before?

Keep an eye out for new ideas in your regional hotspot which support flexible and remote work practices. Your business might be local now, but next year you could go global and not even miss a beat.

Quotable Quotes

“Make sure you are meeting a demand and not hoping to create it”. Peter Sergeant

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite; you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country”. Anais Nin

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