Remote technology opportunities abound.

Remote technology is often free.

During adversity, be aware of free remote work technology.

Inexpensive remote technology is more than a marketing ploy. When technology vendors see their issues enabling them to work remotely, which will impact their products almost immediately, special offers for new upgrades can be genuine to retain their existing customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world works. New problems beg for new solutions, projects and individuals experimenting with new ideas and going for growth in this time of uncertainty. But there is a need to exercise caution when considering new technology.

Yes, the world feels like it’s going crazy in these uncertain times. With it comes financial pressures, stress and difficulty making decisions about technology even though we know we have to make some upgrades. If you give in to the chaos and panic, you will undoubtedly make the wrong decisions which could leave your organisation in an even worse position

Cloud applications and services vendors who specialise in remote work technology realise if they don’t help customers during the global crisis work-from-home in quarantine, some might go out of business.

Take time to learn the terminology, so you understand what is available.

Always be ready to snap up opportunities,

In response to the financial difficulties, we are all facing; many vendors are offering free technology products for which they usually charge, including productivity and management tools for remote work as well as security tools.

Technology companies such as Google, Dropbox and Zoom offer free access to fundamental document collaboration and meeting tools as a matter of course. But for many who aren’t used to managing teams remotely, there are many other options for organising remote work and monitoring team members’ progress.

While there’s a lot of choices available for working remotely, by making a start now you will start to reap immediate benefits.

However, keep in mind, while there are excellent products available for free, it doesn’t mean it will be right for your circumstances. Many are scrambling to enable teams to work remotely should take into consideration the costs of security and usability before making a decision. You should go with vendors with a proven track record in remote working.

“Customer Experience is What Counts”. If you would like help in thinking through new technology contact us for this tool,

Key Message: We all need to rethink our attitudes and actions relating to our regional, rural and remote communities, and how they will work more successfully into the future utilising remote technologies.

Quotable Quotes.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change”. Charles darwin

“The big advantage of remote working is you can more easily create more quality time to think, reflect and plan what needs to be done, without interference”. Peter Sergeant

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