Removing self-doubt, don’t let drought stop you

Removing self-doubt with better planning.

Trust your gut feeling you might be on the right road

For the majority of people experiencing drought, it’s difficult removing self-doubt. Their business strategy is called ‘Hope or Luck’. They are continually praying for rain and constantly worrying where the next opportunity to move forward is going to come.

Often the problem is they have no structure, no system and therefore no process to follow which will deliver the outcomes they are looking to achieve. There are several key reasons why people and businesses don’t handle drought well:

  • They did not do any preparation when times were good
  • They don’t have systems and processes to move forward in the face of adversity
  • They are not doing enough with their marketing and promotion efforts.

Build a track people will want to help you to enhance

Take the worry, luck and hope out of drought and ensure a more positive future. Being in business during a drought or other adversity can be tough, particularly if you are trying to do everything by yourself.

Everyone can experience self-doubt which inhibits their ability and capacity to solve problems and make sound decisions.

Most people spend much time thinking about the past and worrying about the present, but do you spend enough time focusing on your future?

Self-doubt puts the breaks on, preventing you from moving forward and seizing new opportunities. Self-doubt creates a worrying and persuasive voice which won’t seem to go away. It is this voice which makes everything harder than it needs to be.

How can you keep removing self-doubt so you can move forward?

  • Stop procrastination and become action orientation
  • Stop living in the past seek to establish a brighter outlook
  • Don’t rely on negative people, or rely on your own understanding
  • Improve your capacity and skills
  • Look for people and organisations who will help you
  • Be realistic face the reality of a prolonged drought
  • Talk the issues through with someone; it’s too hard doing it by yourself
  • Make your actions match your rhetoric
  • Don’t get stuck comparing yourself with others who are not coping.
  • Learn to boost your optimism with creativity and innovation.
  • Don’t forget every drought ends, you want to be ready to move ahead
  • Celebrate any small wins you have on your journey to the future
  • Start keeping a journal; then you will be better prepared for the next drought or adversity.

You only fail when you aren’t removing self-doubt

Don’t beat yourself up about it. When you, make mistakes or have a failure, then you may start to see things through a negative and depressing lens.

Setbacks happen to everyone who takes chances. You are not a failure just because you failed, as long as you learn from them, it is an important part of growing and living life. Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don’t. So don’t make a failure into a negative which will apply the brakes to your ability to cope.

Be kind and constructive when feeling self-doubt is a better choice. Look for the small actions you can take to keep moving forward.

Never stop correcting and adjusting your vision and objectives and you will move forward by removing self-doubt. Trying to plan every move you will make can become draining and lead to quite a bit of self-doubt. The answer is to set your priorities and avoid being overwhelmed, by doing today’s business today.

Quotable Quotes

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”. William Shakespeare

“The moment you feel yourself hesitate on something you know you should do, count 5-4-3-2-1 to activate your prefrontal cortex and interrupt the habit of overthinking self-doubt, and fear”. Mel Robbins

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