Restructure businesses with new knowledge of adversity.

Restructure businesses to survive and thrive.

Restructure businesses one piece at a time.

Improve restructuring businesses and ultimately make them work better and be able to survive the next crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic should be the most crucial wakeup call anyone can have if a better future is to emerge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has now turned everything upside down, Everyone is impacted and it has put many people and businesses into situations from which they will never recover.  We all have to prioritise and concentrate on what’s important and what will help to pull through a period of anxiety and uncertainty.

Everyone should be looking into insights which can help to future-proof our businesses and create a better future for the town or village. Look at this time of adversity as an opportunity to improve your community.

  • Understand the new problems, frustrations wants and needs.
  • Anticipate, and go above and beyond to fulfil requirements.
  • Engage and support entrepreneurial activity.
  • Act with a purpose to support businesses and job creation in your community.
  • Restructure businesses and build a more robust business ecosystem.
  • Do smart, responsible, and vigorous marketing and support.
  • Use this time to align all activities with the local vision and objectives.
  • Re-align technology and communications available in the community.
  • Introduce creative and innovative programs which are relevant.

What you do now will define who you are later and how your community will recover and move forward into the future with certainty.

What is the underlying structure of the community to help businesses survive and thrive?

Restructure businesses and reject the notion of business as usual.

As the initial shock continues to impact on the business operations and sink in, everyone is looking for help and support. Here are some tips to help businesses and non-profit organisations in your community.

  • Focus on doing one thing well and hire specialists to improve, the quality of work.
  • Upgrade the business model, and improve planning practices.
  • Inject creativity and innovation into your value chains.
  • Work on import replacement programs and generating new opportunities.
  • Improve customer engagement and new customer generation.
  • Improve systems, tools and processes.
  • Avoid cash flow problems by becoming more financially savvy.
  • Improve customer engagement and customer experience.
  • Focus on specialisation and unique products and services.
  • Upgrade all sales and marketing activities.
  • Train employees and take out the strain.
  • Build a management team with leadership skills.
  • Reward good performance.
  • Engage advisors and mentors; it’s too hard doing it by yourself.

Always help entrepreneurs to build companies to be on-sold even if they have no intention of cashing out or retiring. It will help to create continuity in the community’s supply chains.

It can be challenging when looking at what can be done to revitalise a devistated business community. Contact us for out tool, “Community Business Re-engineering”,

Key Message: Acknowledge things have changed, as there is no more business as unusual.

Quotable Quotes.

“Every business has two organisational structures. The formal is in plans; the other is the everyday relationships associated with the stakeholders”. Peter Sergeant

“No pandemic or natural disaster has killed off people’s need to live and work in clusters of common interest with suitable knowledge bases and support structures”. Peter Sergeant

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