Rethink navigation in challenging times.

Rethink navigation for better outcomes.

Rethink navigation and how life works.

Like everyone, you will need to rethink navigation, particularly if you are finding it hard to imagine a more challenging environment than the one created by the COVID-19 pandemic immediately following drought, floods and fires. The pandemic, more than anything we have ever known,  is affecting the way nearly everyone in the world, how they live and work. 

It’s a complicated time for business, because the world, as we knew it, is changing so quickly. It’s once in a century where see things change so fundamentally and profoundly as they have changed in 2020. Nothing is certain anymore; it’s difficult to see ‘what’s next’.

Challenging times will come again, so it’s essential to learn all you can and document it for future reference. The experiences you have now should leave you and your business in good stead for next time adversity strikes.

The first things to document might include:

  • How you hold your family, friends and supporters close in difficult times.
  • Adjust your expenses quickly while stabilising your income streams.
  • Look at solving the problems and frustrations of your customers
  • Adjust your inventory to meet customers changing wants and need.
  • Don’t panic; adjust your business model and planning practices.

Every business and non-profit will need to rethink where they fit in the new environment. There will be many new forces impacting everybody and the way they do business.

Rethink navigation of your future during challenging times.

So how should you think about navigating your marketplace in turmoil around you, and beyond your control? Well, I would suggest you stop, relax and think and reflect on the past present and future and how you will now move forward to a much brighter future.

The tricky part is being patient as it will take time for all challenges to be worked through and implemented.

Perhaps this is the time to do your housekeeping and tidy up your business ready for when the market opens up again, and the new normal emerges.

Maybe you could be better spending your limited time and resources on:

  • Improving your systems, tools and processes.
  • Understanding customer’s future problems, frustrations wants and needs
  • The training you have been putting off.
  • You are taking steps to upgrade your content and knowledge base.
  • Refurbishing your premises

One of the biggest things which hold people back from success is the way they think. And with the unfortunate events taking place, negative mind chatter and ‘doom and gloom’ thinking are on the rise.

Ultimately you need to accept things have changed and make sure whatever you do, it is consistent with who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to achieve on your journey to the future.

Key Message: Rise to the challenges and never give up on what is important to you and your family, friends and supporters.

Quotable Quotes

“Amazing opportunities often present themselves way before we think we’re ready”. Peter Sergeant

“Have the courage to conquer your fear of failure by rising to the challenge and never giving up on what is important to you and your family”. Peter Sergeant

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