Self-confidence increases action orientation

Self-confidence increases with action orientation

Self-confidence increases with each new day, if your give it a chance.

Build your confidence to avoid an ‘average’ life

Action orientation is the key to building your self-esteem as your self-confidence increases. The more actions you take, the more practice you get and so the better operator you become.

Even when you are coping with adversities such as drought and floods, there are things you can do to keep improving your self-confidence in the actions you take.

Did you know that very creative people tend to have flexible and adaptive minds? Anyone can develop creative and innovative brainpower. It starts by practising building your self-confidence.

No action takes you nowhere

Just keep in mind, no actions lead only to the status quo remaining. Here are three statements that creative people can make quickly and which you learn by regular practice.

  • I can do that. When someone offers you, an opportunity say you can do it and then do the necessary research to ensure you can. Great opportunities can be lost forever if you keep avoiding things you don’t understand at this time.
  • Face up to mistakes. Non-creative people think mistakes and failures are a sign of weakness. To say, “I made a mistake”, is just too hard for them and their ego. It is, in fact, a sign of mental maturity, personal strength, and individual character. Everybody makes mistakes every single day. Unfortunately, most don’t learn from them, and so their boring old lives stay the same.
  • Admit it when you are wrong. Just admit, “I was wrong.” Many people are so concerned with being right all their mental energy is consumed by procrastination, bluffing, blaming and denying.
  • When you are wrong. Don’t procrastinate, admit it and get on to the next action. Keep in mind many small actions add up to significant outcomes. One swallow doesn’t make a Summer.
  • Be willing to cut your losses and move on. If you uncover or receive new information, or if you start to feel differently about a previous action you took, accept you have changed your mind and don’t let anyone or anything back you into a corner.
  • Stay in alignment. If an action does not serve your best interests because they are not in alignment with your vision and objectives, dare to change your mind and then get on to more significant actions.

Self-confidence increases with practice

Ask people to help you take better actions to build your self-confidence.

Here are some ways you can break out of negative thinking patterns and become more self-confident, creative and action orientated in your chosen career;

  • Practice being flexible and adaptable, situations change and so do you and other people. Your self-confidence increases.
  • The more mistakes you generate, the more successes you will have, as long as you learn from them.
  • Be willing to admit you are not perfect; you make mistakes, and you are wrong often. It is an indicator of intelligence and courage.
  • When you have new information, be willing to change your mind. Most of what you know today will change entirely in the coming years, so be the first to recognise it.

Quotable Quotes

“The world makes room for those whose actions show they know where they are going and who are grateful to those who have helped them along the way”. Peter Sergeant

“Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless. Mary Kay Ash

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