From a start-up to maturity, we work from the underlying assumption; communities and businesses do not develop well from the ‘top-down’, but rather from the 'bottom-up’,

They invest in themselves, their ideas, assets, capabilities and resources to improve capacity and outcomes.

Our Services

Include a suite of products, articles, tools, checklists, courses, webinars, presentations and support services.

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Community Development

Economic Gardening


Analysing Your Situation

Planning That Works

Action Orientation

Start-up, Easily and Well

Small, Micro and Home-based Businesses

Lifestyle Businesses and Job Creation

Non-Profit Organisations

Business Advising, Mentoring and Facilitation

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Small Business

Assisting you to start up and run a successful business, improve your lifestyle and support your community.

Small, micro and home-based businesses are renown for their potential to improve the development of our regional, rural and remote communities.

Indeed survival can be dependent on entrepreneurship, the community ecosystem, and the capacity to be genuinely creative and innovative.

Starting and running any business can be a daunting challenge for those without any formal management training or practical business experience.

FAQ Support services will help you to adapt and manage the many critical aspects of an enterprise, from start-up to maturity. It can be particularly stressful in regional, rural and remote areas, where support services are scarce.

Our services are unique in that they link people's dreams to reality while overcoming the disruptive forces in the economy.

Non-Profit Organisations

FAQ Support helps to remove the problems and frustrations, while improving confidence to enhance and deliver better community services, particularly in times of drought and adversity.

Improving the adequacy and the outcomes of services required is a key priority. We help to deal with unrealistic expectations by finding ways for non-profits to apply sound business practices, better governance and make cultural adjustments.

FAQ Support focuses on organisational change models to improve funding, planning, value chains, process improvement, knowledge management, analytics, marketing and social media.

We suggest changes, addressing continuous improvements in the evaluation and refining so the organisation can achieve its vision for the community.

Communities -  The vital parts of our towns and villages

We are focusing on job creation, opportunity generation and rejuvenation of regional, rural and remote towns and villages.

Discover new ways to address your community challenges by engaging more people, businesses and non-profit organisations to work together more practically for the common good.

It can involve, bridging the gaps between the rhetoric and the reality of managing a regional, rural or remote town or village to survive and thrive.

FAQ Support products and services revolve around how business, non-profits and regional communities need to interact to become more sustainable against the disruptive forces.

These forces include the effects of globalisation, technology, social media, flexible working environments and government intervention. All this while continuing to be attractive to old and new residents in the face of droughts and flooding rains.

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