Starting businesses without experience.

Starting businesses is not for everyone.

How else to you learn if you don’t have a go at starting a business.

Starting businesses is not that hard; it is keeping it going where the problems begin to emerge. You will also find many opposing views, particularly form those who have never owned a successful business.

You can be starting a business without prior knowledge or experience in management, and many do. If this is the case, it is essential to surround your self with people who have practical experience of starting and owning a business. If they have an understanding of exactly the type of business you want to start up, it can be a bonus, although not absolutely necessary.

Become proactive in getting the best practical information and knowledge you cans, from books, webinars, workshops, and generally hanging out with business people. You don’t have to have a university degree to start a business, just a good dose of common sense.

Today, online education means you can work towards starting a business, and implementing the practical skills you learn as you go. Online learning can be done at your pace and at times, to suit you without all those travel expenses. You eliminate a lot of unnecessary course materials until it is needed.

A practical advisor or mentor will help with your priorities. Starting and running a business, solely leaning on your own understanding can be fatal.

Join the club in starting businesses.

Starting a business is now one of the most popular ideas for those who want to change their career paths or become self-employed and move away from the boredom of traditional employment and bosses they don’t like.

You will find there are plenty of regional, rural and remote towns and villages who are genuinely looking for people starting businesses and are prepared to help them in untold ways.

If you do not have experience in starting businesses, then keep in mind many of the largest corporations in the world, were launched in the spare bedroom of their home.

So you turn your lack of experience into an advantage or find ways to learn about essential aspects of running a business, such as planning, marketing, relationships and finance, and above all, avoid negative people.

Start a business or look for a ‘real job’?

When it comes to your current job, you can either be engaged in your work or actively disengaged and bored, or somewhere in the middle?

Don’t let reality put you off, follow your dream.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself to help make the right decision, and the right time to quit a ‘real job’.

  • Do I like the work I am doing and the people involved?
  • Would a different, manager, or position be better within the same organisation?
  • Would I prefer to be interacting with people and my community more?
  • Have I outgrown my current job and looking for more significant challenges?
  • Am I sitting at a desk all day when I would rather be outdoors?
  • Is the problem I have, with my family and not getting ahead?
  • Have I tried everything to make your situation better?
  • Do I dread commuting or going to work every day?

What needs to change for your future prosperity and the happiness of your family and lifestyle? If and when you do decide to leave your job, don’t burn bridges, you might need these people in the future, or your current company may even become your first customer.

For many, working a full-time job and spending extra hours working on starting a business isn’t practical. Between family, friends and social commitments, you don’t have enough hours in the day.

In the initial stages, you’ll have to be creative about how you use your time. Perhaps you need to become an early riser to ensure things get done before your regular job. It could also mean involving your family, so you can spend time with them while still starting your new business.

Starting Businesses – Free book

I have written a book on how I started my first business at age 23. It contains the good the bad and the ugly covering the mistakes I made. Don’t bury your mistakes, learn from them and the mistakes of others. If you would like a free copy to let me know, go to;

Quotable Quotes.

“Just because you couldn’t start a business yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t start up one today and be very successful at it”. Peter Sergeant

“It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker can become the head of a mine, or that a child of farmworkers can become the president of a great nation”. Nelson Mandela

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