Strengthening services delivery during drought.

Strengthening services for better outcomes

How will your health organisation cope with strengthening services?

Strengthening services delivery is critical to managing health-related issues when dealing with drought and adversity. For the seven million people living in regional, rural and remote Australia, future health care and prevention programs are fundamental.

Goals must include the delivery of interventions to reduce the impact of drought on people’s health and well-being. A good place to start is managing your teams stress levels.

Strengthening services provision or delivery is an immediate output of the inputs into the community health system, such as the health workforce, procurement and supplies, and financing. Increased inputs should lead to improved service delivery and enhanced access to services. Ensuring the availability of health services to meet a minimum quality standard and securing access to them are critical functions of a health system.

To monitor progress in strengthening health service delivery, it is necessary to determine the dimensions along which progress would be measured.

The process of building evidence for the strengthening of health service delivery must, therefore, proceed alongside efforts to restructure service delivery to meet the increased demand.

Community leaders and policymakers who are assessing their health systems should participate in the process to deliberate on ways to evaluate the key outcomes required by their community.

Customer service is an attitude, not a department or a job.

Broad, open-ended questions are great for helping you to find out what is going on in the community. They help you to connect with people personally and to understand what is important to them and help them to create better health outcomes.

Help people to approach things differently with a more positive attitude.

It may be a long time since you heard a decent idea to improve something. You can get sick of the same tired old ideas and nothing changes:

  • Ideas to handle the drought
  • New ideas to grow community services
  • Ideas to start new businesses and to create new jobs
  • Ideas to help existing businesses and non-profit organisations.

Occasionally, there are revolutions which seem to generate a ton of interesting things and then come to nothing.

A new idea can be tedious and dumb. Similarly, a new twist or proper implementation of an old method can be exciting. So, having a bunch of new ideas is not necessarily critical.

In strengthening services disarm your defence mechanisms

It doesn’t require much psychoanalysis to figure out most people’s default defence mechanism, is avoidance.

At their core, defence mechanisms are really self-serving. We all use them subconsciously in order to ward off and protect ourselves from negative thoughts or feelings, such as anxiety or guilt in times of drought.

Our defence mechanisms really kick into high gear during situations where we feel threatened. It doesn’t necessarily mean being physically threatened. Rather, they are common in high-stress environments where we doubt our abilities and suddenly become hyper-aware of our own shortcomings.

People will often go on the defensive to preserve their ego, which doesn’t do anyone any good, or help in the strengthing services delivery.

Avoid procrastination, denial and rationalisation and keep on keeping on until you achieve the outcomes you want.

Quotable Quotes

“If you’re not turned on by a new service or a process, then it’s not the one for you. You have a choice, do something about it or step aside and do something else, don’t keep acting like it’s doing what you expect”. Peter Sergeant

“Employees with insight don’t just deliver the value of your services they become the value”. Peter Sergeant

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