Struggle indicates overhaul required

Struggle takes the fun out of business.

Signs a business or community needs an overhaul

Often you can fail to realise just what is holding you back and what to do about it. Maybe you were never taught the signs of trouble or even how to go about creating the life you wanted. Stop the struggle in your business community, and you help the community to prosper. Are the businesses in your town struggling to:

Struggling to achieve consistent sales and profit

If you cannot reliably predict what your purchases will be each month, or if you have constant enquires but can’t close them. Focus on this one issue and do it well until consistent sales and profit are a daily occurrence.

Performance is not reliable

If you find there is an uneven performance one month after another, this is a tell-tale sign you need your approach realigned. The inconsistent performance will only lead to more struggle.

Working hard, but with lousy outcomes

The struggle could indicate a breakdown of your Business Model, or your value chain needs an overhaul. If you are putting the time and effort in, but not getting the results, you want, perhaps it is time to do a Business Health Check.

The business is not the “best in your marketplace”

If your company is not leading your market and you are doing everything you can think of, then it could be a sign that you need a slight realignment of your activities.

You are continually questioning your decisions

It is a sign that your confidence is holding you back.  It is time to realign yourself and do away with the habits and thought patterns that keep holding you back. Improving problem-solving and decision-making skills will make a significant difference.

It is worth making the effort

Often people become overwhelmed with their circumstances, they see no way of stopping the struggle, so they give up. Help the business people in your community to make changes. These changes could lead to them doing what they like doing instead of giving up and leaving. Now you know some of the signs to look for, you can identify when it is time for you to organise a “Business Health Check” with an external perspective and some objectivity.

Is struggle overwhelming you?

Information overload and the always-connected 24/7 work environments are overwhelming many people. It leads to undermining productivity and contributing to low employee and community engagement. Unfortunately, many businesses are dying and don’t know it, yet.

Businesses in particular, often function with the bare minimum number of employees and are overwhelmed, the overworked team will eventually impact the enterprise and the community.

When you do things on the cheap, expect to make mistakes and the struggle to continue. Never be too scared, or too proud, to ask for advice. Objectivity and a new perspective can change the way you think, and life once again becomes enjoyable.

Quotable Quotes

“Make this the day that you finally start to rise above the problems and frustrations holding you back. What do you have to lose apart from your excuses”. Peter Sergeant

“We cannot afford to have a lone wolf, go it alone, the isolationist mentality in our life or business”. Deborah Shane



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