Struggling needs stopping avert failure

Stop struggling while others are succeeding.

Struggling leads to poor health and well-being

People can be adversely affected by economic downturns, global competition and technology. Many become stressed out, struggling to find something new, or simply trying to keep up. Looking for a quick fix, or to start another business as their ‘Plan B’, as a way of providing for their family and the future, may not be the answer. The struggle will continue if you are not following your dream, improving your knowledge and working to your strengths with the best technology you can afford.

Don’t compare your life to others as you have no idea what their journey is all about. Anyone can find an excuse for non-performance, particularly when they can blame the economy, the politicians or someone else. Whatever your struggle is it can cause the stress that will lead to physical and mental problems. It does you no good to keep struggling, wishing and hoping things will get better.

Say something goes wrong and your struggle continues. You realise what is happening is just a close call and it will be over soon. Don’t just walk away from the problem, or frustration relieved. Think through what you could have done differently and don’t forget to add the solution to your Policy Manual.

Eliminate struggling to make things work out

To have an enterprise that delivers on the aspirations of all the stakeholders can be very difficult. However, being able to focus on your primary outcome, simply means ensuring all the parts of the organisation are working well and this is what requires time and discipline. We all have bad days, but there is always something you can do.

Someday, at some point, every door is closed, every key turned for the last time and that’s why, when you think about it, the life we build along the way is the only thing that really matters. Don’t get desperate and start struggling because things are not working out right now. Stop, find a nice place to relax, think and reflect on your life so far and the issues you are facing. Contemplate what’s possible and start scratching out a new plan for the future. Follow your dream.

Why some succeed and others fail

When times are difficult and uncertain, take the time to learn and improve your business and better understand the market you are currently operating in, or wish to start a business in.

Do more planning

The quickest way to stop the struggling is to seek help to realign your business planning practices. Keep in mind that if you are implementing the wrong strategies you will continue struggling with the wrong outcomes. Change strategies blocking your progress,

Sales can fix everything

Marketing is sometimes seen as an expense, but in tough times it’s actually your best investment. Maintaining your marketing efforts instead of cutting back keeps you top-of-mind when your prospects do decide to spend. Take time to understand the new marketing environment and how to work with your customers buying cycles. Cutting back can actually lead customers to think your business is struggling, causing them to think twice before doing business with you.

Manage existing customers

It’s easier and far less expensive to sell more to an existing customer than to attract a new one. Use any excuse or events to touch base with your customers. Put together special offers or discounts to encourage them to keep buying. Look at developing new packages of products and services and make suggestions which can add value to what they have already bought from you.

Manage what money you have

Don’t take your cash flow for granted. Keep a close eye on expenses that are not adding to the overall performance of the business. Regularly access each expense item, eliminate any waste and redirect expense money to where it can improve your efficiency, cash flow and profits. It can be a lot of little items that can add up fast because you don’t re-evaluate every item. Become more financially savvy,

Keep financials up to date

Even if you are a very small business, finances can quickly get out of hand and before you know it you are in trouble. If your bookkeeper and accountant are not helping you to maintain an up-to-date financial position in order for sound decisions to be made, reassess the way they work for you or sack them.

Engage an advisor or mentor

What you probably need most when the going gets tough is perspective, objectivity and new opportunities, most of which are best provided by someone external to the business and who understands how businesses work.

Accelerate your learning

Don’t cut the opportunity to learn how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your management and your business as a whole. It is in times of struggle that we tend to learn the most, so take advantage of this. Reassess the way you receive new ideas and opportunities and keep yourself and your team learning and growing. Struggling is not something that seems to be a characteristic of people who continue learning.

Don’t cut before you look

When the going gets tough it is easy to just cut, cut, cut, your expenses but, what are you left with? Isolate the expenses that will help you to improve performance and look at how adjustments might be made to better utilise the money you have available. If you cut the wrong expenses, the struggling might intensify.

Outsourcing can be a real struggle stopper

Start outsourcing what you don’t like doing or are not good at. This will slow down the struggling immediately. Using temporary workers and independent contractors to handle work more cost-effectively, enables you to avoid taking on additional overhead while eliminating the hassles of employee-related costs. For more information on outsourcing

Hire the best people you can

In most enterprises, it is the people who are the biggest asset. It’s possible to grow with a lean staff if you continue to train them and give them the right tools to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Don’t continue struggling and become a desperate Internet user

Are you guilty of frantically struggling to find the one thing which will finally work for you? A silver bullet to stop the struggling and fill your bank account while letting you spend your time on what you like doing?

In desperation, many try any ‘opportunity’ then decide, without putting in the required effort,  it doesn’t work. Then they try another and another, until they discover the never-ending supply of ‘magic buttons’, or ‘get rich quick schemes’. The modern world of the Internet. They become involved with many so-called gurus, each selling their own ‘scheme of the month’. They think “this looks like it will make some quick money” and away they go again.

Because they don’t have experience associated with building and running a real business, they try to become successful through the ways of an opportunity seeker. Then they realise it’s much more difficult than they thought. To make matters worse, it’s far less effective than they hoped. These people, are desperate to have a real business, but the struggling continues.

There are better ways

There are always ways and means to get what you want out of life and it’s not as hard as you might think. You will hear us use the word ‘fun’ because if there is no fun you will not perform well at whatever you are trying to do. Seek external help from an advisor or mentor and don’t forget to take the family and friends along on the journey with you. Perhaps it could be time to adjust your business to suit your lifestyle,

Quotable quotes

“My happiness doesn’t come from money or fame. My happiness comes from seeing life without struggle”. Niki Minaj

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”. Napoleon Hill



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