Success can cause failure

Too much success can lead to problems.

Success is usually very exciting

Much fanfare with people talking, and sharing stories is often the result of success.  The actual process of achieving great success, however, is far more circumspect.  It is the processes happening quietly, behind-the-scenes, which makes all the difference.

We can sell our way to failure if we do not have the finance and other resources to support the growth. On the surface, most sales managers would say they do allow their salespeople to fail, but is that true? Do they give them the room to fail?

Early in my career, I learned there were things I could tell my superiors, and there were things which were better left unsaid.  I discovered as I matured, holding information back was part of the failure formula.

If a deal did not close, I could easily say it was because of something other than me, and I never have to admit it was due to my lack of common sense. Well over the years I have learned it is far better to be a caring sharing person who is transparent.

Regardless of lifestyle, industry or profession, successful people all share many of the same quiet rituals, but many still sell to the point their businesses could quickly fail. While there are many fundamental things you can do to avoid business failure, here are some to get you started:

  • Only sell what you capital base can support
  • Just because you can do something well, do not make it right
  • Gradually turn obstacles around, or walk around them
  • Avoid gut-wrenching heartbreak which can come from uncontrollable risk-taking
  • Focus on the positive, but don’t get out in front of the ‘headlights.’
  • Cut your working hours to a sensible level, get plenty of rest
  • Avoid the busy, busy syndrome an focus on what is important

Happy disposition leads to happy outcomes

People prepared to feel happy before taking an exam seem to outperform their peers.  Our minds are hardwired to perform at their best not when they are negative, but when they are positive. However, be warned you can still sell yourself into failure.

When your view of the world as a safe place, or as a particular type of place, has been shattered, you are forced to reboot your outlook and perspective on things.  You suddenly have the opportunity to look outside your comfort zone and see things with a new, fresh set of eyes. It is very advantageous when we seek personal growth and long-term success.

Think a little more about managing your mindset and a little less about dealing with your problems.

Quotable Quotes

“Some people won’t put the time into thinking about their future and success and go ahead anyway”.  Peter Sergeant

“On the road to finding success, don’t look into the rear vision mirror, as you were not able to find the answer there in the past”. Peter Sergeant


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