Supporting regional towns and villages.

Supporting regional towns builds our country.

Many forget about supporting regional towns and villages

Many forget about supporting regional towns and villages struggling with globalisation, new technology, sponge cities, drought and other adversities, many of them impacting at the same time. We must act, or many will cease to exist and where will be when it comes to food, fibre and the upkeep of our beautiful country.

Start by helping us to seed the town with content

To engage community members, you need high-quality content. Encouraged every community sector to invest in content and content marketing, which will showcase their expertise and assist with cooperation, not just in selling products and services.

Encourage community members to participate in workshops, seminars, conferences and webinars. It will impart new and practical ideas, provide motivation and help community members to become more action orientated.

Answering the same old questions because of the lack of knowledge documentation can be frustrating and negatively impact productivity. Lead with a clear vision and watch the magic happen.

In supporting regional towns, engage external facilitators and advisors

Address the shortage of local entrepreneurs.  Engaging external facilitators and advisors with a fresh set of eyes are a first step in breaking old habits and introducing new tools and processes.

Without them, it can be challenging to find the answers to improving the ecosystems and moving the town forward. It is often difficult for many community members to see the trees for the leaves. Fresh eyes can test people’s attitudes and beliefs and where necessary break down conflicts any deadlocks.

Listen to the community members

Listen to the community members. Take time to understand their problems, frustrations, wants and needs. At the same time, providing them with hope for the future will improve their’s and the town’s capacity.

Listen your way to success and avoid leaning on your own understanding.

Go all-out to deliver experiences which motivate people and keeps them engaged. Perhaps it is time to create or develop your town’s Knowledge Base and improve the flow of reliable, practical, useful and helpful information.

Encourage people and organisations to share their knowledge and expertise. Create an action plan to deliver the solutions and answers for the community.

Promote your town and what it has to offer

There will be many people in the world who would like to be involved in some way with your community. New opportunities to create new businesses and jobs will be discovered and implemented. Promote your town at every opportunity, to locals, to tourists and anywhere where there people and organisations which could help.

Make use of modern digital technology, social media and be sure to use quality and relevant content supported with quality photographs and videos.

Healthy people build healthy communities

Healthy people create healthy businesses and provide better health and other services which build healthy communities. It is critical to monitor the town’s health and well-being, particularly in times of drought or other adversity.

Look for ways and resources to improve the towns ecosystems.  It is the health and education ecosystems which will underpin and deliver better outcomes.

In supporting regional towns place more focus on visitors and tourists

All too often, visitors and tourists are ignored and quickly pass through a town only taking away negative feelings. They are the people who not only spend money in the town but bring much-needed ideas and innovative opportunities.

If it wasn’t for visitors and tourists, where would you be today?

An excellent place to start is making use of empty shops and buildings and upgrading services such as coffee shops and restaurants. Tidy towns create a more friendly atmosphere and encourage people to explore and stay longer.

Show gratitude to your movers and shakers

The people who have the knowledge and capacity to make a positive difference to a town do it because they love their town and the people in it. Unfortunately, they become run down and ‘flogged to death’. A simple “thank you” and showing a little gratitude will keep them productive. Take time to recognise those who contribute to making your town better. Employees and volunteers should also be rewarded and never taken for granted.

Quotable Quotes

“Celebrate your community because it represents who you are and what we do”. Peter Sergeant

“It’s vital to share and recognise all the good work which is going on in your town. Especially work with high-quality services, innovation and positive solutions to drought and adversity”. Peter Sergeant

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