Survival economically is now our number one issue.

Survival economically is now our biggest concern.

Survival economically after business destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of your feelings towards a crisis and future success were defined since you were born? Established by your family, teachers, friends, the media and your work colleagues created the many life experiences you have had. However, survival economically following the COVID-19 pandemic is a whole new ball game for everyone.

You are now facing a very new set of circumstances with job losses and business failures. No one alive has ever experienced such devastation. The experiences you have had are not equipping you to deal with the destruction caused by the COVID-19 virus. For starters, just be well and stay safe, which is critical to survival economically.

Your subconscious mind is now impacting your responses. Your views and your ability to create successful strategies and actions are proving to be extremely difficult. Solving your problems and making decisions in extreme situations was never part of your training, and it’s starting to show.

Survival economically will require a shift in attitudes.

Hundreds of $billions have been poured into the economy by the governments of Australia. However, it has left business owners feeling especially vulnerable to the economic fallout.

Teamwork is an important catalyst for survival economically.

The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1919 has been discussed in recent days as Australians digest the crisis. Twenty million people lost after the Great War. Victims of an influenza strain which was spread worldwide by servicemen and women returned to their homelands. There were about 15,000 Australian fatalities in 1919 in a population of 5 million. It is the equivalent to about 75 thousand deaths in a population of 25 million today.

Many of the containment measures instituted in 1919 will now become familiar. Football matches and church services cancelled. The Government limited gatherings of people in homes and facilities. Isolation of carriers was in small tents on football ovals and parks because hospital beds were not available.

The government leaders will soon find we can no longer afford:

  • Ineffective politicians and a bloated public service.
  • Badly managed universities.
  • The importing of goods, we once made must be curtailed.
  • Multinationals and others are avoiding tax.
  • Destructive emissions targets
  • Donations to worthless UN bureaucracies.
  • Non-disabled people on long-term welfare.
  • Talk-fests about extraneous issues, unrelated to survival economically.
  • Dysfunctional submarines ill-conceived.
  • Militant unions who think they know best.
  • Non-profit rorts and tax-exempt foundations.

Consider asking hard questions about surviving economically.

We must start re-building economic muscle by removing the red and green tape. Focusing our attention on entrepreneurial attributes and becoming more financially savvy is vital.

  • What can I best help my family and friends, and my company and its customers?
  • Should I be adjusting my vision and objectives for the future?
  • What should I be saying to my family and community?
  • How can I improve my decision-making and keep up with changes?
  • What should I do work-wise and business-wise which would be useful? What imports can I replace with locally made products?
  • How can I adjust my business model and planning to ensure survival?
  • What help do I need to become more resilient and contribute to my local community?
  • How can I change mine and other people’s mindset to take a positive approach to rebuild our business community’s ecosystem?
  • What opportunities are emerging, which I should be aware of and can act on in some way?

“Reasons Enterprises Fail or Need to Change”, is a practical way to help focus your future strategies and actions. Contact us for a copy,

Key Message: The big question is, do you know and understand the beliefs implanted in you? Are they appropriate to help you stay calm, survive and thrive the destruction with entrepreneurial flair?

Quotable Quotes.

“Remove the darkness from your life and your business. Simply turn on the lights with some practical advisors, an investment, not a cost”. Peter Sergeant

 “You achieve because of your mistakes, failures and struggles, but only if you learn from them. You will overcome them, and along the way, you will become a winner”. Peter Sergeant

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