Survive a significant personal health crisis.

The illnesses and personal tragedies I have had to face in small business have caused me to adjust how I think and react in a crisis or under pressure.

Such things as losing my father, my first real mentor, my daughters Asthma attacks, and the many other health crises like cancer and heart attacks I have experienced are little different from what many people have to cope with and endure.

There is nothing like a major health crisis to prepare anyone for any eventuality. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work forever. The impact of droughts, floods and fires only magnify the many issues we all have to face.

I understand very clearly, now that it is not the crisis that shapes our lives; our learned responses are vital to helping us cope. But, mind you, many people have had much worse circumstances than I have?

If no one asks, they will suffer in silence.

Unfortunately, many people never recover from a major crisis in their lives. So, you have to accept your circumstances, make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle and outlook, and then take action. However, trying to do it by yourself can be very difficult as well as ineffective.

Every year thousands of business people and their businesses are terrorised by significant personal health or medical condition, over and above economic conditions. Then, one of the principals or their spouse hears those dreaded words, “Cancer, Heart Attack, and Car Accident”.

The good news is that these days most people beat diseases and recover from car accidents. But when the treatment has concluded, the person’s life changes, their visions change, their priorities are different, and many personal and business relationships have disintegrated. So it does well to remember that tough times do not last; tough people do.

When was the last time you asked someone, “R U OK.”

I can remember the loss I felt when a fellow cancer patient died; he was in the hospital with me when I had cancer and died a year later during his recovery phase. Today, I still feel a loss as this man helped me through all the pain and suffering in my darkest hours.

I felt that I had been able to help him through the pain of his operation as well we helped each other. I know plenty of people who have died, but some are special.  The death of some people hit you to the very core of your being. Yet, in just two weeks, the friendship we built was more profound, more personal, and more meaningful than any relationship I had ever had or had since.  It was back in the 1970s before the concept of RU OK.

My advice is to constantly keep ashing your family, friends and neighbours R U OK. It is hard to know if someone is suffering from a health or business problem, and if no one asks them, they will continue to suffer needlessly in silence. By encouraging understanding, reaching out and sharing experiences, you give people the confidence to take action.

Quotable Quotes.

“Improve your health and well-being, start by having a break, streamlining your workflow so you can tackle the stressors in your life head-on”. Peter Sergeant

“Good health is about choice and relationships. When was the last time you asked an employee or friend R U OK and offered to help them”? Peter Sergeant

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