Think about what is happening around you.

Businesses are creating data and keeping a digital record of everything going on, like never before.

  • Emails are stored in databases and can be retrieved in an instant and reused.
  • Your social media updates are filed and passed onto the world.
  • Increasingly you record your conversations; they are digitised and stored.
  • Wearable devices are now collecting data; all manner of things collect data.
  • You take videos on your smartphones and digital cameras, even storing the bad ones.
  • Hundreds of hours of videos get uploaded onto YouTube by the minute.
  • Several hundred thousand photographs get added to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and others every few seconds.
  • Think about the millions of hours of TV footage and radio interviews captured every day around the world.
  • Smart TVs are now able to track what you are watching.
  • Internet-enabled devices and apps self-generate and share information instantly and automatically.
  • Think of all the data Google, Wikipedia, and others collect and make accessible through the Internet.
  • Your smartphone and GPS track the location of where you are and how fast you are moving.
  • Information you can glean from Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • Even the governments and their agencies across the world are making more data publicly available than ever before.
  • Wikileaks and others are also helping with available information.
  • And “The Internet of Things” will be driving even better ways to analyse things.
  • Don’t let it overwhelm you

It can all be overwhelming and cause many people to throw their hands in the air in utter despair. However, it is something you all have to come to grips with and most of all if you want to prosper in business. You can’t stop the explosion of information and knowledge, but you can start to do something about it and put yourself in the winner’s circle.  

Quotable Quotes

“Want to change your behaviour, then change your thinking about what you do and how you do it”. Peter Sergeant

“It’s great for people to think in terms of ‘regional development’ and ‘community strategies’; however, it is the individual choices and actions which are the primary drivers of business and community development”. Peter Sergeant

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