Thriving in unusually difficult times.

Thriving is more difficult in uncertain times..

Thriving in adversity and a weak economy.

Farmers and businesses have survived economic downturns before, many have had an excellent experience in thriving. A period of economic decline can be a powerful opportunity for you to spend your time and money wisely. Seize this time to drive improvements, and you could find yourself in a far better position when and as economic conditions improve. 

If you’re fearful, if you’re envisioning the worst for yourself and your business, if your conversations are focused predominately on bad news, then you’re seriously impeding your success.

It’s time to take focused actions today and every day until the crisis passes. Only then have a well-earned rest. How do you handle an endless stream of activities day after day, week after week, and month after month when nothing is going well?

Some might, but most don’t, and lack of momentum is one of the main reason. Instead of starting with a blank document or screen, looking for answers, they start typing. It doesn’t matter if you scrap what they write initially and have to start again. What matters is that they make a start. 

Demystifying failure can put you on the right path for thriving.

The best way to build momentum is to break the significant issues and tasks you have into small, bite-sized chunks which you can do something about quickly and easily.

If you aren’t feeling motivated, start telling yourself you’ll just do one small task, then stop. Naturally, most of the time you won’t stop, because once you’ve completed the little job, you have already built momentum, and will most likely just keep going.

Thriving requires change and action-orientation.

  • Know the key numbers and what is required to win out.
  • Focus on income stabilisation and cash flow at all times.
  • Identify key result areas and set new KPIs.
  • Concentrate on the 20% of activities which generate 80% of your income.
  • Focus on the 20% of products that make up 80% of your revenue.
  • Never stop prospecting and focusing on opportunity generation.
  • Aggressively pursue new market opportunities.
  • Become better at predicting trends and issues.
  • Increase the numbers flowing into your income funnel.
  • Look at ways to bring forward future opportunities.
  • Attend education sessions to find better ways of coping.
  • Dispose of unused and obsolete plant and equipment.
  • Practice small improvements to the critical areas of your business.
  • Curtail unnecessary expenditure.
  • Invite scrutiny of your business model and how you are doing business.
  • Engage your community to help you as you help them.
  • Attend functions with intentions of supporting other community members.
  • Work with suppliers; the ones who trusted you once and may do again.
  • Abandon any activity which doesn’t generate an essential result.

Those who prevail in difficult times are the ones who steadfastly refuse to allow negativity.  Instead, they deliberately and diligently take constructive action. They are continually stimulating and revitalising their organisation, enabling them to squeeze in even more activities.

Take time to understand the “Reasons Enterprises Fail or Need to Change”. Contact us for a copy of this tool,

Key Message: It’s not the salesperson with the best farming equipment who wins the most farmers; it’s the person who knows the farmers, their businesses as well as their problems, frustrations wants and needs and is prepared to help.

Quotable Quotes.

“Just because your pockets have become empty because of a drought or other adversity doesn’t mean there are no opportunities and you can’t take action”. Peter Sergeant

“How great, is the virtue of making time to help each other in thriving through bad times”. Peter Sergeant

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