Unemployment, communities biggest  issue

Make unemployment a number one project.

A starting point to address unemployment

Caring and sharing with other businesses and non-profit organisations is always a good starting point in relieving unemployment. In any community, you will find many companies need perhaps a person for a few hours a week but, can’t afford to engage a full-time person. In other words, there are many ways to help a community create jobs by creating shared jobs.

As major players in community development and prosperity, businesses have the potential to make a substantial impact on the success of the community by generating employment opportunities. Having participation in employment issues is very important for everyone.

Regional Australia is critical to Australia’s economic prosperity and accounts for around one-third of Australia’s population, and approximately 65% of export earnings by value. It is a significant source of domestic and international tourism. 45 cents in every tourist dollar is being spent in regional Australia. These facts make it a fundamental base for job creation programs to relieve unemployment.

Jobs give people quality of life and help them to learn, grow and achieve their potential. Jobs provide purpose, independence and social connection, without which communities go into decline. Communities need creative and innovative ideas for creating new jobs for the future; it is right now as communities adjust to the modern globalised world.

Ways to impact on unemployment

Bringing together a group of entrepreneurs to meet regularly to help solve community employment problems and those of the businesses and non-profit organisations.

  • Providing workshops and seminars to promote entrepreneurship and awareness of job creation in the community
  • Focusing on job creation around the new technologies and take advantage of such things as cloud computing, big data, mobility, research, analytics, robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT). All these things can add to the creative and innovative capacity of a community to grow new jobs
  • Developing industry-specific job creation programs
  • Showcasing how core business skills and capabilities can be used to enhance businesses as well as the community
  • Supporting partnerships between companies and non-profit organisation to promote better business and community ideas and opportunities
  • Supporting unemployment programs to expand employment opportunities and even help to create new start-ups, home-based and micro businesses
  • Assisting by helping to fund local initiatives and helping them to materialise through better marketing.
  • Addressing food and nutrition, alcohol and drug abuse prevention and the promotion of physical activity to minimise obesity and chronic diseases and to improve aged care. All these things will require more people in the future.
  • Improving how people will deal with unemployment in the community by developing a business continuity plan and conducting a comprehensive analysis of how business could be adversely affected by various disruptions.
  • Create new job opportunities following disorder and disruptions.

Creating jobs should be a number one priority in every community development program

Workplace health and safety

Creating a safe and enjoyable work environment in the community is critical to the success of any unemployment program. It is also one of the best ways to retain staff, maximise productivity and increase job prospects.

Community development programs often fail to include Projects like this. Implementing safe work practices and installing safety equipment, is only one part of the overall creation of new jobs.

You need to ensure businesses are not creating health and safety problems for their employees, customers or the public. The collaboration will always lead to better outcomes in handling waste and hazardous materials.

Knowing and understanding the health and safety issues and new work, health and safety laws, will help avoid unnecessary costs and damage to businesses caused by a workplace injury, illness and poor health of employees. It will provide a strong foundation to achieve long-term success in job creation initiatives.

Mobilise your community for creating job ideas and opportunities.

Many times I have seen simple initiatives in workplace health and safety inspiring action across the rest of the community. Why not call a team together and brainstorm ways to support and improve unemployment. They could start by promoting or initiating workplace health and safety programs.

You will find in almost every community there are people with workplace health and safety training, who would be willing to share their knowledge and experience. Their experiences could range from office management to complex and hazardous work sites. Perhaps you could find someone who is unemployed to do workplace health and safety training and to create a new job bringing the skills back to the community.

Quotable Quotes

“When helping your community, there is unlikely to be one big step which does it all. It is a lot of little steps, taken by many”. Peter Sergeant

“If you do not like the road you are walking, start paving another on”. Dolly Parton



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