Updating creates improving outcomes

Perish or do some updating.

Updating will keep your business safe

I think we have a very interesting future taking shape for those businesses updating their technology and the way they do business. The next few years we will see emerging technologies move out of strategy and planning into execution. We will all be looking to improve our outcomes. No longer will there be business as usual. There will be shake-ups in both technology and business leadership. Technology is taking on a more strategic role in updating for sustainability.

Staying ahead of the curve requires constant updating

Will there ever be a rebound to double-digit economic growth? Or have our markets matured to a point that we must accept normalised growth rates and adjust sales and ROI expectations accordingly? Updating and providing continuous improvement to existing business processes is still the key to improving outcomes. Being the inspiration for new ones is the primary purpose of modern information technology. Technology is now one of the fundamental drivers for businesses, not-for-profit organisations and communities of all shapes and sizes.

Businesses of all sizes are still grappling with ageing complex systems. Systems that  are slow, costly to maintain and too inflexible to support new business initiatives. A growing number of businesses are currently re-hosting their legacy systems by moving applications into the cloud.  The importance of finding trusted technology partners will grow stronger. Partners can help manage cloud computing, automating processes, or keeping your business at the forefront of your market.

Watch your attitude about updating your technology

Your future could well depend on upon how well you keep updating with and implement new technologies. Technology continues to make an amazing contribution to our lives. Successful organisations of all shapes and sizes today not only use technology for a competitive edge but simply to stay in business. The rules are also changing for suppliers of technology products and services.

Updating to new go-to-market strategies must replace those used during any previous period of hyper-expansion. When updating, business process improvements will generally rely on incremental enhancements, rather than breakthrough technologies. Contrary to what most vendors tell their clients, there’s no one off-the-shelf solution for application updating. All too often vendors are part of the problem by selling a new system while often lacking the expertise or support needed.

Innovation will be at the heart of survival

Cloud computing, mobile, social media, analytics and big data are providing a great innovation wave. These innovations are and will continue to change every business, not-for-profit and community. Innovation can provide you with a smarter way to create velocity and intelligence to propel you into the future. They will help you to focus, deliver and improve your customer experience like never before. Innovation can improve your competitive advantage while updating you to megatrends evolving in the competitive global marketplace.

In the rapidly changing global marketplace, the chances are that many of the ways you are doing business are already obsolete. The continuous struggle becomes the norm. You can’t find ways to solve the problems and frustrations you have, that are stopping you achieving your aspirations. Creativity and innovation need to be at the forefront of everything you do if breakthroughs are to be achieved. With slow growth economies, the need for updating is even greater.

Many businesses, not-for-profits and communities continue to struggle year after year, never making much progress. They are often struggling simply to survive.  Being able to recognise and work through your problems and frustrations will help you create a culture of creativity and innovation. It will help to make your business grow more profitably and sustainably. You can drive innovation and business growth by leveraging emerging technology  Unfortunately few people recognise the need for change. Therefore when they have a problem they become frustrated. They find it difficult to keep up with the pressures of competition and the new ways of doing business. Innovation builds successful futures, http://goo.gl/d9CVwC.

Updating your business model will enable you to cope

Part of updating for the future will involve creating completely new business infrastructures. Cloud level business processes and business analytics will bring new understanding, visibility and value. It will help you to determine who are the right customers, partners and employees to connect with and why. All these changes going on necessitates a change in the business model being used, despite its success in the past.

Entrepreneurship can join up the dots

There are countless ways technology might develop over the coming years. Without any doubt, entrepreneurship will need to be present in all enterprises if any updating is to be worthwhile and keep up.  Recognition of what these developments will be or where they will lead is important for our educators to consider. It will be education that many will look to in dealing with the updating changes required.

It is no secret that our education system is slow to adopting technology driven innovation and entrepreneurship. Educators are slow to recognise the need to develop curriculums that will prepare the workforce for the demands they will face. Entrepreneurs combined with technology will continually change how we live and work. They will push the boundaries of what will be possible. Entrepreneurs also increase the rate and pace of innovation and the need for updating in every community and every enterprise.

Outsourcing will help you to keep improving outcomes

Updating your outsourcing efforts equals more profit, growth and better health, http://goo.gl/W9YHZj. Outsourcing will free up your time to enable you to devote the necessary time to updating your organisation. Everything stays the same unless you devote the necessary time to make changes.

Outsourcing is growing rapidly as a means of updating and improving the overall operations. Businesses are seeing a better way to achieve their strategic objectives with outsourcing. Outsourcing can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and provide efficiency improvements. It is very important for smaller businesses in growing profits and sustainability. To compete against bigger organisations, outsourcing might give you the answers you are looking for, http://goo.gl/IT0kts. Ash yourself. “Why would some of the best supply chain experts in the world decide to outsource”?

Time for a continuous improvement program

Once you have your outsourcing program up and running it is a good idea to develop and implement a continuous improvement process, for all core activities. Continuous improvement is an ongoing cycle of review and evaluation of your processes and procedures in your organisation.

Having continuous improvement policies and procedures helps you to refine the way you do things to make it as effective and efficient as possible. It means   all stakeholders can contribute to the improvement of the way the business works. They do this by upgrading and improving the outcomes for the activities for which they are responsible.


A simple process for continuous improvement


It’s basically about collecting information about day to day operations and having an ongoing process for improving how things are done. This can be applied to all aspects of your work activity, from small initiatives to organisation-wide processes. This will become increasingly important as the workplace environment is becoming more flexible and mobile.

Quotable quotes

“I tried to draw people more realistically, but the figure I neglected to update was myself”. Joe Sacco

“Refuse to accept that your professional relevance, career success or financial security turns on the next update of technology. Sometimes it’s good to put the paddle down and just let the canoe glide”. Simon Mainwaring

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