Valid concerns require sound decision-making,

Valid concerns must be addresses ASAP.

Decision-making becomes hard without wasting time.

Of course, you will save time in the short-term by not doing anything. Which is fine if it’s a well-considered strategy, Be beware, putting off valid concerns can lead to bad mind-traffic which is to be avoided.

The good old days and ‘normal’ operations are over as the bad news keeps coming, as it will for the next few months. You could be worried about your family, health, financial security, or even the survival of your business.

You will be spending much of your time trying to see through the ‘fog’. Particularly if you are still recovering from the drought, floods or fires, which understandably takes up considerable time and other resources.

They are all valid concerns, which could become a lot worse than many seem to think.  I also know it doesn’t matter how bad things get, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. However, only when you devote the time to reassessing your situation and taking the time to improve your future outlook. Later is too late if you’re trying to catch a better future or a train.

You might be a good team, but decision-making is hard without a catalyst.

Allocate quality time to address you valid concerns. You will want to be able to take advantage of the new opportunities which will inevitably be presented and could pass you by.

We don’t know how long it will take, or what all the changing circumstances will mean. However, we do know we all need to prepare for the growth spurt which will inevitably come as the COVID-19 virus comes under control.

In solving your valid concerns, you only have two main options.

  1. Lock the doors continue to wish and hope and try to wait things out.
  2. Start spending more time working on your plans for the future.

We all know planning is not an exact science. And the best-laid plans can be twisted out of control by external circumstances if they are too rigid. Your best bet is to find a planning process which works for you. Then be prepared to make adjustments as time goes by

Proper planning allows you to have agenda-driven conversations to help move you forward to achieve your aspirations. Keep in mind the process of planning is more important than the actual business plan document.

It’s the spontaneous conversations you have which will give your inspirations more momentum, and avoid unnecessary distractions which waste your limited time and throw you off target.

Businesses seldom receive advance notice when adversity strikes. A disaster such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic can slow down the growth and even lead to failure. However, it cannot stop the organisations from recovering quickly and bouncing back stronger than ever, provided they have a proven Business Continuity Plan in place.

Key Message: Create a Journal to capture good ideas and work on future opportunities while your movements are restricted. Without one, good intentions will not receive time developing them at best and will be lost at worst.

Quotable Quotes.

“The most important entrepreneurial attributes in trying times is a mindset of vision, resilience and focus”. Peter Sergeant

“In times of uncertainty, planning is one thing which I have found useful in focusing on finding the right keys to unlock solutions, and helping me to stay sharp”. Peter Sergeant

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