Working well every day means success

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Why working well all day every day lead to success

Success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Lifestyle, money, power, fame, and achieving your dreams are at the core of feeling and being successful. To have an enterprise which delivers on your aspirations and those of all the stakeholders, you need to ensure all the parts of the organisation are working well, and that means maintaining your health and well-being.

In times of drought or other adversity, this is particularly critical. It is essential if you want to stay focused on your aspirations. Healthy people deliver healthy outcomes, even when the going gets tough,

Are you only focusing on what you like doing, or what is good at, instead of what needs to be done? Even with your best of intentions and by letting things happen, it will be challenging to keep things working well? At worst, it will lead to ill health.

It’s nice to go to the car races, but not at the expense of your business. Your business is your ‘milking cow’, and you are the breadwinner and if they are not working well, they need fixing. Following are some ways to start fixing the problems and start working well again.

Working well means getting your priorities right

If you are struggling to balance competing priorities and deadlines with family and life in general during a drought, it becomes tough to maintain a business that is working well. First, make a list of everything necessary to you and put them in order of importance. Now break that list up into two lists:

  1. Activities you are good at, and you like doing,
  2. Activities you don’t like doing and would like to delegate or outsource.

Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of your business working well. It is one of the best ways to retain staff and maximise productivity. Though it may cost to implement safe practices and install safety equipment, the effect of not taking action can be severe. A safe working environment can be critical to your customer’s experience.

With no purpose or passion, very little will be working well

Are you becoming tired of the business? When this happens, it becomes challenging to motivate yourself to keep the business working well. Maybe it is time to prepare your business for sale or employ a general manager, or perhaps you need a holiday. Having a purpose elevates people to higher levels, it ignites passion and amazingly can fix broken businesses and broken lives. You will find it is well worth trying to understand your purpose and passion. Just don’t give up trying to do what you love doing. Where there is a purpose, passion, and a love for what you are doing, inspiration will follow, and everything will start to improve.

When some great passion or purpose inspire you, all your thoughts, feelings and actions start to focus on making everything work well.  Your mind transcends limitations, your imagination expands in every direction, and you find yourself and your business working well. You become alive, and you discover yourself and your business to be better than you thought. It motivates you to even greater heights to have your organisation working well and even beyond your dreams. Without passion, you are like an old engine that sputters but no longer fires up, with any visible power,

Working well means working to your strengths

Being distracted by too many tasks does not allow you to focus on what is essential. Utilising your strengths will have the most significant impact on the business. Clear the decks and focus on your strengths while looking for help with the other tasks. Maybe you need some external objectivity and perspective?  You will be far better off and will benefit and enjoy your work more by working on your strengths. Do what you like doing, and you do best, instead of trying to fix or minimise your weaknesses.

Fixing weaknesses doesn’t help you to be the best you can be when facing adversity.

Smaller businesses are often more agile, faster to jump on trends, which always helps the organisation to work well. By keeping in closer contact with customers problems, frustrations want, and needs becomes one of the most critical factors that make a business work well. The relationships you build with our customers, the service you offer and the careful selection of offerings keep your business working well. If the way you treat your customers is not one of your current strengths, make it so, and your business will work better. Make customers part of your team, and they will tell you where you need to have the strength and power to act.

Working well is sometimes associated with pressure

Why do some people panic, while others stay cool and calm when they have to make improvements in what they are doing? It’s all about you and how to prepare. You panic because you face an uncomfortable situation and you don’t know what to do. You freeze because you haven’t done the work, or you don’t have the necessary knowledge, or skills,  to make the changes need to get something working well.

Not only is the visualisation of the issues effectively, but it also has a calming effect. Picturing yourself succeeding is a great way to build confidence and self-assurance to attack the jobs that need doing. Consider “What If” scenarios. What id your best customer complains that your new product is not working well? What if there is a blackout and nothing will work? If a critical employee phoned in sick?  What if a strong competitor is courting your best customer? What if the price is an issue? Stick the answer on your shelf.

What are the solutions? Being able to respond quickly is a skill which can be developed and stand you in good stead. It is the reason why the military, police and emergency workers train relentlessly. There’s no need to think on your feet if you’ve already thought about the issue. When faced with a tough situation, you can quickly reach the solution and start taking action. All of the answers and action steps should become part of your “Owner’s Manual”, your Policies and Procedures Manual. This knowledge is invaluable for everyone in the business to keep it working well. The more answers you prepare and pot in your Manual, the more you can rehearse and visualise. Instead of having to think on your feet, responses become easy.

Working well requires improvement in your knowledge

Knowledge related barriers to developing and sustaining your business could be the key as to why your business is not working well. Failure to respond to dynamic markets because of a lack of knowledge could wipe you out. Look carefully at the flow of quality new information and practical expertise coming into your business. Seek the expertise your business needs, either internally or externally and watch your business start to work well all day every day.  Knowing yourself better and making a conscious effort to improve your knowledge and information flows will be like putting a supercharger on your operations. Knowledge will unlock your potential,

Adequate skills are needed to meet the challenges

When was the last time you did a skills analysis of yourself and your people? With the changes taking place, we all need to be re-evaluating the skills in our organisations. Perhaps someone has left, and the skills they had have not been replaced. Having the right skills will enable you to organise your thoughts more logically and coherently and give you the ability to seek the right help.

Marketing is a critical function of a business working well

In today’s global marketplace, new technologies are driving competition and new marketing knowledge. Cloud computing, mobile, big data, analytics and social media are at the forefront of activities in businesses working well. There are lots of new initiatives to be considered which this website,, will be able to demonstrate. Your website, mobility and modern working environment, should be given close attention. Refer to for more information.

Quotable quotes

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Steve Jobs

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you”. Maya Angelou

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