Workshops improve employee and volunteer performance.

Workshops improve with video conferencing and quality content

Creating small workshops improve with video conferencing which could be the answer to enhancing everyone performance. It would also help to improve your own performance as you focus on the problems and frustrations you are facing.

Businesses built on a shaky foundation are the first to crumble and often it is the employees who see it coming first. Go beyond the usual meetings and take a deep dive into the issues with your employees.

Workshops improve with participants engagement and contributions

Done well, you will be surprised how valuable your employees and volunteers contribution can be.

  • Knowing the difference between being productive and being busy
  • How to move from a negative state to a positive performance
  • Finding the one thing to drive individual performance
  • The importance of creativity and innovation for improving performance
  • Why focussing on the now will change the future outlook
  • Know when to ask for help and making it easy to get?
  • The negative impact of multi-tasking everyone will want to avoid
  • Change the way everyone makes decisions?
  • The way to identify the reason why you are working long hours
  • When to take a short break during a busy schedule to relieve the pressure.

A small well-presented workshop can get the most out of your team with the least cost and with fewer problems and frustrations. It may even include some customers and suppliers.

A workshop works best with teams of between 5 and 25. Whether the team works for a large multinational business, a small or medium-sized business, or a fledgling startup, attendees will benefit equally from attending this course.

Participants in your workshop should come away having gained a:

  • Change in mindset which was restricting their performance
  • Better alignment of their strengths with aspirations
  • Determination to hit goals and achieve milestones in their work and personal life
  • More positive appreciation of their colleagues
  • Way to improve communications with others in their team and customers
  • Better feeling of belonging and inclusion.

Think differently and hold a workshop online. Workshops improve with video conferencing which is particularly valuable when you are dealing with remoteness or multiple offices.

Improve community performance where it counts.
A good workshop performance means happy people.

To improve your workshop’s timing, presentation requirements and costs, contact us for details.

Quotable Quotes

“Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late”. Seth Godin

“Don’t keep complaining unless you plan better ways you can make things better”. Peter Sergeant

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