Writing causes unnecessary procrastination.

Writing causes people to lose focus on other critical issues in the business.

Procrastination is the thief of time

Yes, content management is one of those tasks which writing causes much unnecessary frustration and procrastination. It’s one of those tasks which can be easily put off, but should not be on the ‘back burner’.

Are you a procrastinator, a person who puts improving your content marketing stuff off until later. We all know what it’s like to avoid doing things we know we have to do. We either don’t like doing something or are not good at doing it. Writing content is no exception.

Most people put writing off, waiting for a “better time”, or hope the problem will magically be solved or go away.  Writing never seems to be critical because there are always more things we have to do with a perceived, more significant impact.

When someone tells us they would like to improve their content marketing or take a step towards improving their customer experience, but they have so many other things they have to do first, the red lights start flashing. Priorities need to change.

There will always be something you think is more important than improving your exposure to the world. There will always be something or someone whom you put in front of your customer service and business growth.

Outsourcing may be the right solution for your writing causes.

Are you, instead of enjoying your work or business, making yourself unwell and more unhappy because you know your content marketing is not helping your future?

If you have been putting your content creation off because of all the other things you have to do, perhaps it’s time to look more seriously at outsourcing. Either outsource your content creation or if its what you want to do, outsource other activities. Prioritise where your time will have the most significant impact on the outcomes you want.

Structure plays significant role planning wisdom.
Just like your business, your writing requires structuring to avoid procrastination.

Don’t push your future development and growth into the background because you action other people’s priorities, or because you have not structured the way you operate. Perhaps it’s time to refocus your vision and objectives for moving forward.

Writing causes interruptions and even more procrastination without a structure.

We work with communities, their businesses, non-profits and advisors in establishing structures and frameworks to improve their performance and outlook by improving their writing skills and content marketing. We can also act as freelance writers to allow you to focus on what you do best and like doing.

Your public profile is essential, but writing causes interruptions which can derail your writing and content marketing efforts, improvements will not materialise. We can help you to navigate the issues.

Pessimistic leaders focus on faults and weaknesses; success requires optimism.

How long are you going to put off improving your content writing? Choose optimism over pessimism. Optimists honour progress, affirm strengths and celebrate the best in customer service. Pessimists notice shortcomings, are always complaining while their anticipation of customer requirements becomes dull and boring.

Start delivering the unspoken stuff which is holding you back, poor content which causes your customers to go elsewhere.

We do not promise you perfection, but we can certainly help you take the first steps towards creating the content you need for your website, blogs, promotions and webinars. Perfect content costs too much; however, continually making improvements to your content is a small but significant investment.

Are you ready to get started?

Mediocre content leads to decreasing your effectiveness. Has your organisation become dull and boring and unable to get your message to the customers with whom you want to do business, not to mention employees, partners, suppliers and your community?

Writing causes unconscious blocking of the flow of greater abundance into your life, only because your content marketing is not delivering the outcomes you are pursuing? If you define your content requirements and work hard to meet them, you can make it, so that most of your efforts are within a reasonable reach of those requirements.

Improve your content with external editing.
We all make mistakes which could be costing us a better future. Editing is an investment, not a cost.

Unfortunately, this means writing causes most of your content to become average. If you are busy seeking to meet the average, then perhaps you can define your content as mediocre. Not unbearable, but certainly not exceptional and not necessarily what your stakeholders want and need. Simple question; what problems does your content marketing provide solutions for your stakeholders

When you outsource content writing, you have a choice: You can demand the work meets industry standards, or, you can seek something better than average, something worth paying extra to stimulate new opportunities and future activity.

What parts of your writing caused the need for content to be upgraded?

  • Websites, blogs
  • Webinars
  • Courses
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Articles
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • eBooks
  • Press releases
  • Editing and photographs
  • Content consultation and planning

In life, you get what you settle for. Do you accept the state of your content, or could you raise your standards and take massive action in order to achieve more? It’s your choice.

Quotable Quotes

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy, anybody can complain”. Henry Ford

“Practice moving people forward with content which is idea friendly and actionable” Peter Sergeant

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